Monday, 28 February 2011

Do It Like A Brother, Do It Like A Dude...

I understand i may seem ever so slightly obsessed with the whole androgynous look this season. But, seriously, is it just me, or is there something totally attractive about seeing a woman throw on some chinos, brogues and a shirt?? (i feel it may not have the same effect if i saw a man sporting a maxi dress however!) An infinitesimally small part of me almost hates a girl who can walk out of the house in ths

outfit and just look effortlessly cool. OK, i admit, i am ridiculously jealous. I have never quite mastered the 'Oh i just grabbed the first thing i could see in my wardrobe' look. It always ends up looking too preened or like i have left the house in my pyjamas!!!
So, i have put together some nice pieces for you to admire and perhaps build an outfit with. I have thrown in a bit of colour, as at this time of year you really need something to perk you up! Also, if you're not a massive fan of dressing entirely like a man, there is a rather pretty chiffon number for you girly-girls. There is nothing i like more than looking down the row of my work colleagues, seeing them all in blacks, greys, perhaps some leopard print thrown in, and me on the end in neon green!Perfect!

Brown Fedora River Island £19.99
Nude Chino Topshop £45
Red Chino Topshop £36
Chiffon bow shirt Miss. Selfridge £28
Malene Birger Trench Harvey Nichols £360 (every girl should have one of these in her wardrobe. Chic. Simple. Classic!)
Checked shirt Paul Smith £109
Narrow Leg Studio Trouser (pink!) Zara £49.99

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