Sunday, 27 February 2011


Well, there's hangovers, and then there's HANGOVERS! The ones that no amount of fried food and PG Tips will cure. This, this is in a league of its own. Not only is it now on its third day (utter hell i tell you) but it is also not set to go for quite sometime. Yes, i have to say, the London blues has defintiely got to be the worlds worst hangover. If i had ever dared to try illegal substances i would now feel like i was enduring a 'come down' (i think thats what these sorts call it) so i believe the only thing to get me through is to visit again...and again...and again. And then to visit that much that i may aswell just live in this wondrous city for all time! Hmmm, a thought i have been pondering on since my return to my homeland!
I think the only thing to get me through the day is some serious pampering and to do what any woman does well...NO not moan...but spend money!!!!!YESSSSS! This comes after a rather heavy night out where belongings went missing and seemed to take my dignity and shame too! I could sit around and cry (however i think my tear ducts are going through drought season) but instead i am going to tan, paint and straighten...perfect hangover cure!
'Tis the season to be jolly afterall...oh no, hang on a minute that was December. Ah well, i turn into Scrooge (or Scrooged for those Bill Murray fans out there) at that time of year so i am having my very own Christmas today. I am celebrating the birth of the big J.C. (twas the day he was born wasnt it?? I was never much good at R.E. i think my teacher may have been rather good looking...) with NEONS! You may think that neons came and went like six months ago, but i am here to tell you that they aint going no place. Only the other day i purchased a delightful blue nail polish from Barry M and, just to make the most of my works discount, the most amazing YSL lipstick. Number 49, the number any girl should know, especially if you want to look like you have just showered in bubblegum. FIT-NESSSSS! If youre a Mac girl at heart, as my good friend Tiny Ruce* is. (*name has been changed for security purposes*) You can also purchase similarly delightful colours for a rather nice price. My newest love is my slightly tinted moisturiser form Avon. My sister Charles has not only become a mum for the third time but also an Avon girl [round of applause] and all my must-haves for this season are straight from the latest catalogue.
Well, enough of my wittering on for today. Rest, food and making myself up like the entrant of a beauty pageant is definitely on the cards. Even though i am only going to laze around in my leopard print dressing gown, you never know who might come a-calling! Adeles rather poignant 'Someone Like You' playing (sweet Jesus just read the words to this little beaut, this doesnt just tug at the heart strings it bloody well wins the tug-of-war!!!!!) fire roaring, kettle boiling and the faint smell of nail polish in the distance...amazing!x

Oh and maybe just having a look through jobs in the Windy City, damn this isnt Calamity Jane, ah well! Afterall, you do have to keep your options open...perhaps London is calling in more ways than one! Happy Sunday people xx

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