Friday, 25 February 2011

Love. Love. Love.

My Prince Charming came. He conquered. He left. Leaving nothing but a trail of dust and heartache in his wake. Or in my case, a rather fetching Paul Smith shirt (my favourite item to date) and a t-shirt purely for sentimental purposes. Who am i trying to kid, more like a t-shirt thet, in time, will still be worn as a dress over my much loved black slip! Yes, as you can see February lacked that certain degree of love that the month of the Valentines is surely meant to offer??!
I believe i would have lost all hope in this thing we call love, had it not have been for the recent publication of the Love magazine. The androgyny issue. It is what i can only term as 'the sex'. I found myself buying one issue in Leeds Station the other day, only to then be faced with a cover showing Kate Moss and Lea T in an intimate embrace. It was at this moment that i rather shamefully asked to swap the magazines over. The rather kind lady looked at me quite disturbingly and ushered me out of the shop with the new magazine in my clutches. At this moment, i knew that Love had most certainly pulled through for me. Not the kind ihad expected this month, however, it may just have exceeded all my expectations.
I fear i must ask the question i know will be plaguing alot of peoples lips. When did it become socially acceptable to feature two girls kissing on the front of a non top-shelf magazine?! One of whom used to be male. It really does seem that this is the season for men and womens roles to be in complete disarray. This isnt a new concept to fashion,no, no, no! Go way back to the likes of Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo, perfect examples of women who want to dress like men who want to dress like women. Confused?? Yes, i was! However, if you look at some of the advertising campaigns this season you will see this happening left, right and Centre. Marc Jacobs, Prada, Gaultier, Burberry, Paul Smith. I actually quite like this concept that fashion has become almost sexless. Take a look at the new model Andrej Pejic. Amazing. Beautiful. Six foot blonde with cheekbones any woman would die for, and judging by this seasons trend, any man too! Fashion now knows no boundaries, it has questioned and almost answered one of the most taboo subjects of recent times.
Yes. In future i shall be donning a suit of armour through the month of February to avoid that pesky little Cupid and his bow and

arrow. The only love i need comes in the form of the magazine with the rather delectable Kate Moss gracing the cover, and of course my Paul Smith shirt kindly left by...well i suppose he is still my Prince Charming.x

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