Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Heart Belongs To London!

Only four days ago i was preparing for my departure to the Big Smoke. Bags packed, passport in hand, currency ready. Can you drink the water there or is it only bottled that you're allowed?? Oh, hang on, im still in the UK. I got that much into holiday mode these are the questions i started to ask myself. I nearly arrived at the train station two hours early for the check-in time. As you can tell, i am not particularly well travelled, however when it comes to packing i am a pro. Capsule wardrobe. Its all about packing items that are interchangeable, an LBD is always required, just incase you find yourself in the exclusive Cocktail Bar. My LBD ended up as a top worn with leather leggings. I am a typical woman...can make something out of nothing!!! However, if youre like me, you will end up in The Experimental Cocktail Bar (i believe there is only two, London and gay Paris!) in a pair of Blue Rinse denim hot pants, leopard print chiffon shirt, Moschino (retro!) belt and the seasons must have wedges! Yes, it was full of men who drove Ferraris, but hey, im not picky! You could seriously tell that Fashion Week was well underway by this point, the streets were alive with oranges, furs, women tottering around the cobbled streets in chunky heels and wedges (namely me, i confess!!)
London is one of those truly captivating cities, even sitting in Kings Cross today i could have sat for hours people watching. Leeds is like a different world. Everyone sticks to the same uniform and if you dare to step away from that you are imeediately judged. London, dont get me wrong, is very regimented. You have this entire underground universe where everyone seems to march to the same drum. Following the one way systems from platform to street. Its so unique and people make it look so effortless. However, after one day of being there, i felt i truly belonged. I almost wanted to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe purely for Londons sake. I felt like i was on a four day date that was going incredibly well! You could literally walk down the street in a circus tent and people wouldnt bat an eye lid. This is the world that i want to live in!
The people are simply beautiful, the fashions so chic and not remotley 'try-hard'. I believe it would be tough to keep up to but i can take my four days, my memories and my very few pictures and pretend that it was a life i once lived.

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