Saturday, 26 February 2011

Geek Chic!

Never have i been more overjoyed at the return of the geek glasses! Yesssss! Not only were they all over fashion week, the likes of Burberry Prorsum, DSquared2, Tom Ford, Charles Anastase showcasing them. But people on the streets of Leeds, yes you read right, thats Leeds, have actually been sporting them! I fear they may now become like the All Saints belts and the pinned up jeans, but hell im going to enjoy them whilst the fun lasts!
Over the past, oooh i'd say at least three years. I have acquired four pairs of them and never, ever worn any. Oh i've tried, on many an occasion i'd style my outfit around them, however, when you also have a red bobbed hairstyle, you are only ever going to look like Velma from Scooby Doo. Proper geek chic! Everyone knows that Daphne was the hot one. Although i used to tell myself that Velma was equally as fit under those turtlenecks! So, i had to face the fact that i would never EVER dare step out of the house in them. And dont get me wrong i have left the house in the most random of outfits but glasses were just too much for me to attempt to pull off!
Some of the fashion houses have gone for the sexy secretary, this i would imagine being more appealing to the male audience than the female. Ahhh i can almost sense the tension in relationships as the pages of her Vogue turns on to this picture...if shes anything like me she will just make a snide remark and quickly turn the page while the boys mouth is still hanging open! Not that i am the jealous type you understand. BUT, when you spend as long as i do planning an outfit, the last thing you want is a 6ft model with legs up to her eyeballs stealing your thunder!!!
Anyway, i digress! Yes people, the geek glasses are back, how long for i darent say! But take a look at these beauties and DON'T be like me, do it, do it, bloody well do it! They look amazing, immediately transform any outfit and are just plain cool!

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