Sunday, 20 February 2011

Seeing as all the fashion weeks are currently underway, i couldnt think of a better reason to start a blog dedicated to the subject itself! I have a feeling that my eyes are turning slightly square form all the hours of video footage i have watched on this tiny computer screen. (In all honesty i think the whole square eyes myth was something Mummy Caz used to say to stop us watching too much tv!) I am in my element this season, i have never seen so much colour on the runways. Marc Jacobs has literally taken whats in my head and made a collection out of it! I fear this may not make any sense to some of you, however, if you could climb inside my head you would totally understand!! So, as its my first post, i am going to add more photos than text. I have all the time in the world to talk, and believe me i am good at that! Possibly too good actually!!! Forgive any spelling mistakes (as an English Lit graduate i am already appauled at what i see just merely running my eyes over this scruffy piece of...well what exaclty it is im not sure! My old lecturers will be squirming at the thought of this being published) My problem is that i have too much to say on fashion and my hands will not work as fast as my mind would like! I really need to work on that! So, until i return from Le Capitale on Thursday, i will leave you with some truly inspiring shots of pure fashion!Yesssss!

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