Monday, 28 March 2011

It Must Be Love, Love, Love...

And so i have fallen in love! Yessss. Finally, a love that is not unrequited! Ahhh, as soon as i came face to face i knew that we were a match made in heaven. That tingly feeling, the butterflies oooh all those signs of the start of a blossoming romance. This can only mean exciting times ahead!!!
The feel against the skin, the blushing in the cheeks when contact is made, oooh im getting all shaky just at the mere thought. Yes. We are meant to be. Soulmates. Fate brought us together this fine morn...

...leather stockings. You will make me happier than i ever thought humanly possible! (Well, come on, no man can possibly ever make you feel that way!!!!!)

The picture isnt the best! Not only because Daria Werbowy (the model) is super hot and blatantly looks better than me in those leggings...but you cant get the full effect of the fact that theyre actually like stockings! They fit amazingly and make you feel quite literally like sex on legs!!!!! £295?? Meh, i can easily part with that to feel a million dollars in those bad boys!!Xxx

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Give Me Some Tass-elllll

So, word on the street is that fringing and tassels are back. In all their shimmying glory. Be it leather, suede, bags, shoes, dresses, coats...sweet lord they are everywhere! I would say never have i loved a trend more, but i do say that a lot...infact every post nearly! So much so that i am starting to feel like im cheating on trends, and i simply do not do that kind of thing! About a year ago i visited my favourite vintage shop in Leeds and picked up what is quite possibly still the bargain of the year. I purchased a leather biker jacket, but i dont mean biker high-street style, i mean proper biker. With fringing down both arms and on the back, it is simply wondrous. To top it all off it only set me back ten of your British dollars, it would have been rude not to take it. However, i do see a downside to this look. I fear that some poeople may take it to the extreme and either leave the house looking like they're going to line dancing classes or like Pocahontas. Dress responsibly people. Neither of these are good looks and should only be done for what they were intended or indeed for fancy dress!!!

Take this little number for instance, a Twenty8Twelve creation form the SS11 collection

Quite a boxy fit, i think you need to be super tall and super slim to wear this and do it justice. Otherwise you are running the risk of making yourself look twice your actual size. I feel heels needs to be worn with this, perhaps a wedge. As flats are definitely going to leave you feeling like that bird from the Disney film, Poca-whatsherface! They do also do some suede shorts in the same colour and fabric, adorable is the only word to describe these little belters. (Unfortunately no photo could be found!!!)

Kate Moss last season playsuit! An item i went to buy in the January sales, walked into Topshop in Manchester and deeply, deeply regretted it! It was like utter carnage. I placed the playsuit back down and made a swift exit with boy in tow...he didnt look too pleased to be in there in the first place. (The way they find a quiet corner and stand playing on their phone trying to ignore your growing temper is an instant giveaway!!!!!) I have regretted leaving Topshop that day even more so than my entering it on the first day of sale! Ahhhh eBAy was a fine invention!


River Island!

Anna Sui SS11

Versace SS11

Well if nothing else the last one will serve as inspiration for those line dancing classes...! I think this trend will be the look of the Summer. It seems to go hand-in-hand with the whole boho-chic look! Get your feather headbands out, wave that hair, join the likes of Kate Moss, Lily Cole, Alexa and Aggy, book your Glastonbury tickets and shimmy your pretty self away!!!!!Xxx

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Still Life!

Fashion and music met...they produced this!
Androgyny at its best!!Xxx

Thursday, 24 March 2011

You May Say I'm A Dreamer...

The prospect of being here is almost too much for the tear ducts...almost!!!! (Come on, i wear enough eyeliner to keep Boots in business...i cant afford to cry it all away!!!!!)Xxx

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year...

WOW!!!!! Two whole days without blogging! Ahhh the life of dressing models is a tough one! Two late nights later, a hell of alot of champagne soaked up and bags you could literally travel the world in...but its bloody well worth it! The outfits were beyond amazing and the models did them every bit of justice they deserved, especially the swimwear round! I think the fans needed turning up in the working area at this point, i chose to blame it on the alcohol and definitely not on the four men parading around in trunks...yes thats right ladies you read right, TRUNKS! I have seen these little beauties in a WHOLE different light i can tell you! (I am having to mop my brow even now!!!)
Here's just a little taster of what we were showcasing...

Nicole Farhi


J-Brand Lovestory


3.1 Phillip Lim

Camilla Skovgaard

Alexander McQueen

Dsquared...just for full effect i thought i should show male models wearing them! I have no idea to be fair if the swimwear we used was indeed Dsquared, i didnt want to stare too long at the male models behinds, or fronts...ahem!!! So i am hazarding a guess with this one!

The fashion shows went out with a bang, the clothes, the makeup, the buzz, the noise, the heat...were literally electric! A splendid night had by all, with the soundtrack supplied by icallshotgun (look them up on youtube...Tinie Tempah's Pass Out...played on request approx. 4 times! This had nothing to do with me heckling at the front constantly, no no no!!!!!) Yes, fashion show season certainly is the best season of the year, perhaps better than Summer????? Oooh did i really say that?!?!! I think the fact that i did my own little turn down the catwalk makes that last statement most definitely true...obviously when all the models had already not that silly to perform infront of the professionals!!!!!
All ready and waiting for round 2, ding ding!!Xxx

Monday, 21 March 2011


I almost feel slightly wrong that i actually NEED these in my life...think old school Lily Allen mixed with todays Jesse J???? Meh, not such a bad look, even if i just sit and admire them.

I cant possibly justify all three!...Can i?????Xxx

I WILL wear them everyday!!!

Yes yes so the weather did reach a wintery high of 15 today! Enough for me to get the old sunnies out! Poser?? Me?? I think not! Despite the sun coming out to say hello, i couldnt resist buying this little number from Topshop! Ok, so its suede and sheepskin, but seriously its not only Kate Moss but also massively fittt! I couldnt possibly have left it sitting there all on its lonesome on the rack! Our Kate would never have forgiven me! I chose to justify it being 'a total investment piece' to my mum as she looked at me disapprovingly buying yet another coat! But im not even lying, i will wear it everyday!

Then to make my day even better THISSSSS came waltzing into my life like a little piece of heaven. This photo simply does it no justice, its like it was made just for me! Kate Moss has alot to answer for, not only is she my number one girl crush (oh yesssss!) but her clothes are amazing. Its bang on trend with the polka dot, its sexy, its strapless, it has a bustle on the back, god i am sweating at the thought of it! Its sheer amazingness with a capital A!!!!!

Teamed with my new favourite boots

Ahhh i could shed a tear at my new favourite outfit!!!!!xxx

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Greece Lightning...

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming...No not the Christmas advert. that little gem has been locked away in the archives until at least November! I mean HOLIDAYS!!!!! Bikinis, beach, cocktails galore. Sun, sea, sand and...Sangria (well, what else could i have meant?!) A week away with the bestest is just what the doctor ordered and is set to be fun with a capital FFFFF! Yes, a Greek Isle will do nicely thank you. So, this means that one of us is going to have to do a Shirley Valentine and the other sing and dance around like that bird from Mamma Mia! Hmmmmm decisions, decisions!!!
Any kind of holiday needs new clothes, infact, it doesnt just need them! It demands them! Should there be a rule book made on this kind of thing, new wardrobe would most definitely be numero uno! Fashions change so much even in the swimsuit area, triangle bikinis are so out (to be fair were they ever actually in??) Its all about coverage with the right amount of flesh showing! If you dont have the confidence for a two piece you will be overjoyed at the one piece being back! Dont worry it wont bring back horrendous flashbacks of junior school swimming galas, all lined up in your Speedo cossies! I had to go one better though and have black and white polka dot with pretty pink bows up the back!! Ahh i reckon i was always set to be a fashionista!!!!!
This summer is set to see the return of the swimming costume in a big way and this is like music to my ears, covers up a multitude of sins! There are polka dots a-plenty, 40s and 50s inspired, cut-outs, oooh so many i could go on and on...and on! But, instead i shall show you just a few i have come across whilst online shopping!

Black Scallop Stripe One-Piece Topshop £30

Purple Meadow Flower One-Piece Topshop £30

Prairie Floral Print Jets by Jessika Allen net-a-porter £175

Bill ruched halterneck swimsuit Norma Kamali net-a-porter £340

Norma Kamali net-a-porter £930 (my personal favoutite, although imagine the tan lines!!!!!)

Skirted Swimsuit Debenhams £27.20 (amazing if you want to cover up the old thighs!)

Red Polka Dot Debenhams £24 (note the added tummy control...just to balance out the over indulging one undoubtedly goes through on holiday!!!)

So, Ladies, take full advantage of the all-inclusive and swagger down to the beach like a 1940s pin-up...or just cheat like me and get a tattoo of one instead!!!

Oooooh Greece most definitely is the

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Massive Love!

People will always try and have an effect on your life...positive or negative! But then you realise that there are things like this in the world and everything is put into perspective! Ahhhhh...

Oh, and of course this...

Jil Sander, Alexander Wang and beautiful baby Maxi. Perfection xxx

Local Hero...

A song.
A song that can make you feel so many things at any moment in time! Who cares if its anything to do with fashion or anything to do with the now! Anything can make someone...take a listen...!xxx

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Girl Crush No.2!

If i could wake up tomorrow looking like this i would be eternally happy!


Date With Destiny...

Now, apparently what one wears on a date can determine how that said date should go. This isnt some case study by Freud or anything, no no, just an article in yet another magazine! So, as a girl then, if you get your rack out and wear an incredibly revealing skirt, a guy is either going to say 'Wa-hey! I am defintiely getting some tonight' or 'My god i need to make an excuse and run for the hills before she eats me alive. Literally!' I wouldnt say that this was perfect attire for a first date, but hey, my last first date was rather a while ago, maybe the rules have changed now!
I reckon men have it pretty easy to be fair, all they have to decide is 'what jeans should i wear and what low v-necked tee combo will impress her'. Well, let me tell you boys, the low V went out with pinned up jeans, throw em out and invest in some that dont look like they have been surgically pinned to your leg! I think people are too afraid to be themselves, these people have asked you out on a date for a reason! Yeah they're gonna look at what youre wearing, but i dont think they want to see whats under your clothes just yet! Save something for the imagination and all that!
But be sure to plan it carefully, think about the time youre going out, where you are likely to end up (no, no not in bed!!!), you going into town or the family (poser!) pub at the bottom of the street?? Dress accordingly please and avoid embarrassment. I got that stressed about what i wore on my last one i ended up going out like i'd gone straight form work, unhappy with it all night, but he seemed to like so its all good! What you wear will influence how you act aswell, if you feel comfortable you will come across relaxed, you dress for a night on the town and end up in a posh restaurant...well you're gonna look and feel like you've been picked up on a street corner!
So, the weather is breaking, the sunglasses are being dragged out, dress and prepare for all eventualities!

Topshop Maxi £29. Team with either wedges or flats, perfect day date! Biker or denim jacket over the top, bit of jewellery for that boho look and you're good to go!

ASOS Ruffle Dress £45. Perfect with black tights and Mary Janes and the token biker. Or ankle socks and a pair of brogues, your style, your choice. Both set to create that girly look with just the right amount of flirt factor!

Florence & Fred at Tesco £25! Black bodycon. This can go either way, tights and Docs (NEVER the military boot!) or heels! Dressed down or dressed up, you are definitely going to leave him wanting more. Sexy, chic...come on, its an LBD...they never fail to do the trick!

ASOS Vero Moda £110. For the girl who wants to make a splash on the first date. You're fashion forward, you're confident, you're bold! Stand out in a crowd in this orange number, bare legs and heels or bare legs and flats...either way you are making a statement. The dress to make any girl jealous and drive any man wild!!!!!

I could go on forever, the options are neverending! First dates need not be nerve racking afterall...choose carefully, pick wisely, make him addicted to you!xxx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Strike A Pose, There's Nothing To It...

My next pur-chase!
Perfect xxx

Fashion Meets Music!

The coolest man of his time, infact, correction, the coolest man of ANYTIME!!!

(and the best moment of my year to date!)xxx

**AW11...over and out**

Well, today i feel like i have almost cheated fashion! Whilst doing some research for work i couldnt help but take a peek at the A-Z of next season. I tried to look away from the screen, but it was too hard, i succumbed to the charms of Tut, tut...see i am tutting at myself. I am positively ashamed. Ok, ok, this wasnt the first time, look at you squeezing every drop of it out of me. Leaving me standing (or sitting) as a former shadow of myself. should be banned, its not my fault i have daily updates straight to my hotmail account is it??? Oh, wait a minute, it actually is. I am the one who signed up for these, ok so you have caught me out! The next step to addiction recovery??!!!
Only last week i watched a clip of Lucinda Chambers (Vogue Fashion Editor) live form Paris Fashion Week, telling us the hot gossip on AW11 collections. My heart was indeed a-racing at this very moment. Summer hasnt even arrived for us and im excited for the Fall season...i must be mad! I have to say though, like many other things, it is definitely worth the wait. I'm out there already buying pieces ahead of their time. Oooh i feel like i have been let in on some special covert operation (we dont need to mention that it is all already over internationally. This takes the 'specialness' away from me!)
Anyhow, enough of my ranting. Here is what awaits you. Fashionistas everywhere...oooh i hope that you are ready!!!!!

3.1 Phillip Lim. The single photo being the look of the day!!

Nostalgic Miu Miu!

Smoking hot Kate Moss on the catwalk for Louis Vuitton!


Mary Janes for Prada!

Bold colour from Burberry Prorsum!

AW11 is set to bring a whole different class of fashion. Expect thick fabrics, bold women, broad shoulders. Skirts have now reached the below knee lenght, very prim and robust. Black and white is set to be massive with big nipped in waists. Fur, fur and more fur...everywhere, especially Mink!!! It is a very sombre pallet, with greys, burgundy, blacks, blues, all very beautiful however. Look at Miu Miu, very 40s inspired, heavy suits with fur trim. Then to take the season in a completely alternative direction is Vuitton and Givenchy, think S&M, PVC, leather, almost military inspired. My heart belongs to this look, methinks Lady Gagas fashion is set to finally reach the dizzy heights! Lots of dropped waists, colour flashes only seen really in Prada and Burberry, but boy do they go for it!!!!! Think tweeds teamed with leather, teamed with rubber, fur, feathers, a little bit of everything thrown together! Boys dressed as girls, Mary Janes a-plenty...oh the list is quite literally endless.

I can hardly contain my excitement for the coming season, it is going to go off the chart!xxx