Wednesday, 16 March 2011

**AW11...over and out**

Well, today i feel like i have almost cheated fashion! Whilst doing some research for work i couldnt help but take a peek at the A-Z of next season. I tried to look away from the screen, but it was too hard, i succumbed to the charms of Tut, tut...see i am tutting at myself. I am positively ashamed. Ok, ok, this wasnt the first time, look at you squeezing every drop of it out of me. Leaving me standing (or sitting) as a former shadow of myself. should be banned, its not my fault i have daily updates straight to my hotmail account is it??? Oh, wait a minute, it actually is. I am the one who signed up for these, ok so you have caught me out! The next step to addiction recovery??!!!
Only last week i watched a clip of Lucinda Chambers (Vogue Fashion Editor) live form Paris Fashion Week, telling us the hot gossip on AW11 collections. My heart was indeed a-racing at this very moment. Summer hasnt even arrived for us and im excited for the Fall season...i must be mad! I have to say though, like many other things, it is definitely worth the wait. I'm out there already buying pieces ahead of their time. Oooh i feel like i have been let in on some special covert operation (we dont need to mention that it is all already over internationally. This takes the 'specialness' away from me!)
Anyhow, enough of my ranting. Here is what awaits you. Fashionistas everywhere...oooh i hope that you are ready!!!!!

3.1 Phillip Lim. The single photo being the look of the day!!

Nostalgic Miu Miu!

Smoking hot Kate Moss on the catwalk for Louis Vuitton!


Mary Janes for Prada!

Bold colour from Burberry Prorsum!

AW11 is set to bring a whole different class of fashion. Expect thick fabrics, bold women, broad shoulders. Skirts have now reached the below knee lenght, very prim and robust. Black and white is set to be massive with big nipped in waists. Fur, fur and more fur...everywhere, especially Mink!!! It is a very sombre pallet, with greys, burgundy, blacks, blues, all very beautiful however. Look at Miu Miu, very 40s inspired, heavy suits with fur trim. Then to take the season in a completely alternative direction is Vuitton and Givenchy, think S&M, PVC, leather, almost military inspired. My heart belongs to this look, methinks Lady Gagas fashion is set to finally reach the dizzy heights! Lots of dropped waists, colour flashes only seen really in Prada and Burberry, but boy do they go for it!!!!! Think tweeds teamed with leather, teamed with rubber, fur, feathers, a little bit of everything thrown together! Boys dressed as girls, Mary Janes a-plenty...oh the list is quite literally endless.

I can hardly contain my excitement for the coming season, it is going to go off the chart!xxx

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