Thursday, 17 March 2011

Date With Destiny...

Now, apparently what one wears on a date can determine how that said date should go. This isnt some case study by Freud or anything, no no, just an article in yet another magazine! So, as a girl then, if you get your rack out and wear an incredibly revealing skirt, a guy is either going to say 'Wa-hey! I am defintiely getting some tonight' or 'My god i need to make an excuse and run for the hills before she eats me alive. Literally!' I wouldnt say that this was perfect attire for a first date, but hey, my last first date was rather a while ago, maybe the rules have changed now!
I reckon men have it pretty easy to be fair, all they have to decide is 'what jeans should i wear and what low v-necked tee combo will impress her'. Well, let me tell you boys, the low V went out with pinned up jeans, throw em out and invest in some that dont look like they have been surgically pinned to your leg! I think people are too afraid to be themselves, these people have asked you out on a date for a reason! Yeah they're gonna look at what youre wearing, but i dont think they want to see whats under your clothes just yet! Save something for the imagination and all that!
But be sure to plan it carefully, think about the time youre going out, where you are likely to end up (no, no not in bed!!!), you going into town or the family (poser!) pub at the bottom of the street?? Dress accordingly please and avoid embarrassment. I got that stressed about what i wore on my last one i ended up going out like i'd gone straight form work, unhappy with it all night, but he seemed to like so its all good! What you wear will influence how you act aswell, if you feel comfortable you will come across relaxed, you dress for a night on the town and end up in a posh restaurant...well you're gonna look and feel like you've been picked up on a street corner!
So, the weather is breaking, the sunglasses are being dragged out, dress and prepare for all eventualities!

Topshop Maxi £29. Team with either wedges or flats, perfect day date! Biker or denim jacket over the top, bit of jewellery for that boho look and you're good to go!

ASOS Ruffle Dress £45. Perfect with black tights and Mary Janes and the token biker. Or ankle socks and a pair of brogues, your style, your choice. Both set to create that girly look with just the right amount of flirt factor!

Florence & Fred at Tesco £25! Black bodycon. This can go either way, tights and Docs (NEVER the military boot!) or heels! Dressed down or dressed up, you are definitely going to leave him wanting more. Sexy, chic...come on, its an LBD...they never fail to do the trick!

ASOS Vero Moda £110. For the girl who wants to make a splash on the first date. You're fashion forward, you're confident, you're bold! Stand out in a crowd in this orange number, bare legs and heels or bare legs and flats...either way you are making a statement. The dress to make any girl jealous and drive any man wild!!!!!

I could go on forever, the options are neverending! First dates need not be nerve racking afterall...choose carefully, pick wisely, make him addicted to you!xxx

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