Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Flower Power!

My merchandising skills were truly tested today, i mean honestly pushed right to the limit! I was even starting to doubt myself...not a massive fan of that i can tell you! Halfway in to the aforementioned task i started to wish i'd never started! But i never give up and once i start a job i simply have to finish it (refreshments were needed towards the end though, black tea and a cereal bar did the trick perfectly!!) I thought DVF was eclectic, my god, D&G truly is a mish-mash of many things, all of which actually go together. You have cerise pink, baby pink, black, leopard print, zebra, floral and beiges...WOW even writing it down is making my head spin. I better sit down...oh i already am!!!
It is all very typically Dolce, the satin materials with fitted bustiers inside the dresses (always required for the classic Dolce look!) sleek, femime and very sexy! Even the florals are in keeping with the pink numbers, clashing tones and open backs with flirty bows is what its all about this season! Flashing a bit of leg with the open button front and matching bikinis are set to make the hearts of many men race this summer!
I have my eye on one of the pieces and have figured that to afford it i may have to sell some goods on ebay, or myself perhaps...i could see myself as a Chaffeur for the day! Or Pretty Woman without the whole hooker bit! Hmmmmm, now there's a thought...xxx

The top two pictures are the advertising campaigns for this season, showcasing pieces that we actually hold at the moment.
The pink and zebra are also our current stock and just to show you what the hell we were having to work with!!!!!
Oh and the last picture is just there for...well come on, does it really need an explanation??!!!xxx

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