Sunday, 27 March 2011

Give Me Some Tass-elllll

So, word on the street is that fringing and tassels are back. In all their shimmying glory. Be it leather, suede, bags, shoes, dresses, coats...sweet lord they are everywhere! I would say never have i loved a trend more, but i do say that a lot...infact every post nearly! So much so that i am starting to feel like im cheating on trends, and i simply do not do that kind of thing! About a year ago i visited my favourite vintage shop in Leeds and picked up what is quite possibly still the bargain of the year. I purchased a leather biker jacket, but i dont mean biker high-street style, i mean proper biker. With fringing down both arms and on the back, it is simply wondrous. To top it all off it only set me back ten of your British dollars, it would have been rude not to take it. However, i do see a downside to this look. I fear that some poeople may take it to the extreme and either leave the house looking like they're going to line dancing classes or like Pocahontas. Dress responsibly people. Neither of these are good looks and should only be done for what they were intended or indeed for fancy dress!!!

Take this little number for instance, a Twenty8Twelve creation form the SS11 collection

Quite a boxy fit, i think you need to be super tall and super slim to wear this and do it justice. Otherwise you are running the risk of making yourself look twice your actual size. I feel heels needs to be worn with this, perhaps a wedge. As flats are definitely going to leave you feeling like that bird from the Disney film, Poca-whatsherface! They do also do some suede shorts in the same colour and fabric, adorable is the only word to describe these little belters. (Unfortunately no photo could be found!!!)

Kate Moss last season playsuit! An item i went to buy in the January sales, walked into Topshop in Manchester and deeply, deeply regretted it! It was like utter carnage. I placed the playsuit back down and made a swift exit with boy in tow...he didnt look too pleased to be in there in the first place. (The way they find a quiet corner and stand playing on their phone trying to ignore your growing temper is an instant giveaway!!!!!) I have regretted leaving Topshop that day even more so than my entering it on the first day of sale! Ahhhh eBAy was a fine invention!


River Island!

Anna Sui SS11

Versace SS11

Well if nothing else the last one will serve as inspiration for those line dancing classes...! I think this trend will be the look of the Summer. It seems to go hand-in-hand with the whole boho-chic look! Get your feather headbands out, wave that hair, join the likes of Kate Moss, Lily Cole, Alexa and Aggy, book your Glastonbury tickets and shimmy your pretty self away!!!!!Xxx

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