Sunday, 20 March 2011

Greece Lightning...

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming...No not the Christmas advert. that little gem has been locked away in the archives until at least November! I mean HOLIDAYS!!!!! Bikinis, beach, cocktails galore. Sun, sea, sand and...Sangria (well, what else could i have meant?!) A week away with the bestest is just what the doctor ordered and is set to be fun with a capital FFFFF! Yes, a Greek Isle will do nicely thank you. So, this means that one of us is going to have to do a Shirley Valentine and the other sing and dance around like that bird from Mamma Mia! Hmmmmm decisions, decisions!!!
Any kind of holiday needs new clothes, infact, it doesnt just need them! It demands them! Should there be a rule book made on this kind of thing, new wardrobe would most definitely be numero uno! Fashions change so much even in the swimsuit area, triangle bikinis are so out (to be fair were they ever actually in??) Its all about coverage with the right amount of flesh showing! If you dont have the confidence for a two piece you will be overjoyed at the one piece being back! Dont worry it wont bring back horrendous flashbacks of junior school swimming galas, all lined up in your Speedo cossies! I had to go one better though and have black and white polka dot with pretty pink bows up the back!! Ahh i reckon i was always set to be a fashionista!!!!!
This summer is set to see the return of the swimming costume in a big way and this is like music to my ears, covers up a multitude of sins! There are polka dots a-plenty, 40s and 50s inspired, cut-outs, oooh so many i could go on and on...and on! But, instead i shall show you just a few i have come across whilst online shopping!

Black Scallop Stripe One-Piece Topshop £30

Purple Meadow Flower One-Piece Topshop £30

Prairie Floral Print Jets by Jessika Allen net-a-porter £175

Bill ruched halterneck swimsuit Norma Kamali net-a-porter £340

Norma Kamali net-a-porter £930 (my personal favoutite, although imagine the tan lines!!!!!)

Skirted Swimsuit Debenhams £27.20 (amazing if you want to cover up the old thighs!)

Red Polka Dot Debenhams £24 (note the added tummy control...just to balance out the over indulging one undoubtedly goes through on holiday!!!)

So, Ladies, take full advantage of the all-inclusive and swagger down to the beach like a 1940s pin-up...or just cheat like me and get a tattoo of one instead!!!

Oooooh Greece most definitely is the

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