Monday, 21 March 2011

I WILL wear them everyday!!!

Yes yes so the weather did reach a wintery high of 15 today! Enough for me to get the old sunnies out! Poser?? Me?? I think not! Despite the sun coming out to say hello, i couldnt resist buying this little number from Topshop! Ok, so its suede and sheepskin, but seriously its not only Kate Moss but also massively fittt! I couldnt possibly have left it sitting there all on its lonesome on the rack! Our Kate would never have forgiven me! I chose to justify it being 'a total investment piece' to my mum as she looked at me disapprovingly buying yet another coat! But im not even lying, i will wear it everyday!

Then to make my day even better THISSSSS came waltzing into my life like a little piece of heaven. This photo simply does it no justice, its like it was made just for me! Kate Moss has alot to answer for, not only is she my number one girl crush (oh yesssss!) but her clothes are amazing. Its bang on trend with the polka dot, its sexy, its strapless, it has a bustle on the back, god i am sweating at the thought of it! Its sheer amazingness with a capital A!!!!!

Teamed with my new favourite boots

Ahhh i could shed a tear at my new favourite outfit!!!!!xxx

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