Monday, 28 March 2011

It Must Be Love, Love, Love...

And so i have fallen in love! Yessss. Finally, a love that is not unrequited! Ahhh, as soon as i came face to face i knew that we were a match made in heaven. That tingly feeling, the butterflies oooh all those signs of the start of a blossoming romance. This can only mean exciting times ahead!!!
The feel against the skin, the blushing in the cheeks when contact is made, oooh im getting all shaky just at the mere thought. Yes. We are meant to be. Soulmates. Fate brought us together this fine morn...

...leather stockings. You will make me happier than i ever thought humanly possible! (Well, come on, no man can possibly ever make you feel that way!!!!!)

The picture isnt the best! Not only because Daria Werbowy (the model) is super hot and blatantly looks better than me in those leggings...but you cant get the full effect of the fact that theyre actually like stockings! They fit amazingly and make you feel quite literally like sex on legs!!!!! £295?? Meh, i can easily part with that to feel a million dollars in those bad boys!!Xxx

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