Thursday, 10 March 2011

It's just a little crush...

A day without blogging is like a day without flicking through one of my magazines to see the lastest trends in full on colour, OR a day without merchandising one of my favourite brands...yes i do realise that i need to get out more! But hey, i spend the majority of my life at work so it always helps to enjoy it! Speaking of merchandising NEVER do it with a hangover. Looking at the oh so many colours and patterns of DVF this season made me feel slightly nauseous. Not at the collection itself, as there are some amazing pieces, just the sheer amount of colour going on. My eyes and head were unprepared, still clouded by alcohol no doubt! However, when this feeling eventually passed, i was shocked by the pieces, i think i counted a fair few that i wanted and this has never happened to me before. Maybe its because i'm growing up, i need to be sensible and start dressing more civilized perhaps??? Bah, as if this will happen. Afterall, life begins at 30...ah right i stand corrected the saying is actually life begins at 40. But, i am only two years off 30 so i'll go with the first. I am in preparation for life beginning in two years then...oooh the anicipation is just too much (and i am not even being sarcastic).
Check out these hotties above in DVF. I do love how all the big fashion houses have gone back to their roots and doing what they do best, Dolce creating their sexy little dresses in leopard print, DVF re-creating the wrap dress that catapulted her to the forefront of fashion many years ago. And they even have Jordan Dunn modelling for them this girl is fierce. AND just look at that pink and purple number its like Kylies little jumpsuit only in the 21st century. This needs to find itself in my wardrobe. I am also loving how they are targetting a completely different audience aswell, it all just looks so young and fresh. DVF is my new favourite woman i think, my new girl crush (ahhh Rihanna will understand!!!!!) xx

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