Thursday, 24 March 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year...

WOW!!!!! Two whole days without blogging! Ahhh the life of dressing models is a tough one! Two late nights later, a hell of alot of champagne soaked up and bags you could literally travel the world in...but its bloody well worth it! The outfits were beyond amazing and the models did them every bit of justice they deserved, especially the swimwear round! I think the fans needed turning up in the working area at this point, i chose to blame it on the alcohol and definitely not on the four men parading around in trunks...yes thats right ladies you read right, TRUNKS! I have seen these little beauties in a WHOLE different light i can tell you! (I am having to mop my brow even now!!!)
Here's just a little taster of what we were showcasing...

Nicole Farhi


J-Brand Lovestory


3.1 Phillip Lim

Camilla Skovgaard

Alexander McQueen

Dsquared...just for full effect i thought i should show male models wearing them! I have no idea to be fair if the swimwear we used was indeed Dsquared, i didnt want to stare too long at the male models behinds, or fronts...ahem!!! So i am hazarding a guess with this one!

The fashion shows went out with a bang, the clothes, the makeup, the buzz, the noise, the heat...were literally electric! A splendid night had by all, with the soundtrack supplied by icallshotgun (look them up on youtube...Tinie Tempah's Pass Out...played on request approx. 4 times! This had nothing to do with me heckling at the front constantly, no no no!!!!!) Yes, fashion show season certainly is the best season of the year, perhaps better than Summer????? Oooh did i really say that?!?!! I think the fact that i did my own little turn down the catwalk makes that last statement most definitely true...obviously when all the models had already not that silly to perform infront of the professionals!!!!!
All ready and waiting for round 2, ding ding!!Xxx

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