Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Life is too short for sleep...LET'S SHOP!

Insomnia is never ideal. Even more so if you have a fashion/ shopping addiction like mine. However, it has been a while since i fed this said addiction, so, perhaps its time for another spend. Or maybe i could just window shop (online of course, not even i'm mad enough to wander the shops at this time...or maybe i am...??!!!) Even if i dont spend i can at least get my fix by working out what will be my next 'must- have, saved-up for' item. Ahhhh yes, this beats this thing called sleep anytime (finally i have figured out why YSL invented Touche Eclat...) Pile on the concealer and brush the old sleep off, who the hell needs it when you can have things that look like THIS in your life

Yeah, so the Helmut Lang skirt is a total snip at £390 i do believe, (bahaha), but its long, it has a leather waistband, its a total investment piece. The Marc Jacobs clutch is beyond perfection ( i wouldnt need no man if i had this in my life...ok maybe thats a slight exaggeration) but its only £290. Marc Jacobs...£290, i mean it doesnt seriously get any better than this. This needs to be in any womans life, colour to go with practically anything and the over-sized clutch is the bag of the season!! And, well, what can i say about the boots, not only have i been hunting for a pair of these for like...EVER, but they are by Alexander Wang, one of my favourite designers of recent times. They are £530 (i think! It is 03:53 AM, my mind isnt what it should be!) but these little bad-boys are going to last season after season after season. I could go on, but i think i have just built my outfit for the next couple of months! I am most definitely in love xx

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