Sunday, 13 March 2011

Nice Day For A White Wedding

So, i was reminded this morning of another wedding in August i simply have to attend. Christ its like Four Weddings and...ooops no, best not to tempt fate eh?? This one is less of a wedding, more of a renewal of vows, a blessing if you will! My middling sister is celebrating the joys of married life (excluding the screaming devil children in those joys!!!) by almost reliving the day! I always like a family wedding, this means memories overload, dancing around with not a care in the world and lots of wine!!! Ahhh its like works Christmas party all over again! One thing i do love about this is that i get to purchase a new outfit. The best part of any gathering i think! No more bridesmaid duties...oooh whats that saying?? three times a bridesmaid never a bride?? I have now been one four times...well thats me left on the shelf as old Bridget Jones then!!! Anyway, once more i digress, the whole purpose of any wedding/blessing/ceremony call it what you will, is the purchasing of a pretty new dress. And this is what i do best!!!!! SHOP!!!!!

My most favourite dress to date By Malene Birger £360 (total bargain!!!!!)

D&G £715 (in my dreams!!!!!)

ASOS (i forget the price, but come on its ASOS, totally affordable!)

Another ASOS bargain, in the sale at about £30!!!!! (a must have even if i dont wear it for what it is intended! Beer garden, summer sun, oversized glasses and a glass of something sweet! SOLD!!!!!)

I could go on forever, maxi dresses are back! I need all of them! Which means i will be working overtime for about a year just to afford the D&G one, but its an investment piece and Primarni can supply the accessories!!!!!
Ahh, how i love wedding season, come one, come all, declare thy love for one another and supply much wine for us singletons! The future (and indeed the present) holds much joy xxx

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