Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Perfect Jean??!

So, whilst in work today, i was faced with a customer enquiring about some jeans. And for the first time in a long time, i had no idea what they were. The look of utter devestation on my face, i am lead to believe, was a picture. I had never heard of them before!!! I even had to make a note of them, this should have been a mental one, however, i instead wrote it on my hand (very unprofessional in my field, where in fashion darling, appearance is everything!) to remind me to look these up as soon as i should return home. The jean in question was the J-Brand Olympia, said to be the perfect jean. That perfect in fact, and i quote, 'The most comfortable legging you'll ever slip on. Try them on - you won't want to take them off...ever' (jbrandjeans.com) They are a low- rise and have 4% lycra in them, which is what i would say will make them so lovable. When you get customers into J-Brand they rarely want to try any other brand on, they give but not too much, they are flattering on any age, shape or size and are very true to size. Fear not though ladies, if you're not a lover of the low-rise (i certainly am not, i'm not a fan of the muffin top) they also do these in a high-waist, ahhh like music to my ears.
The high-wist is the Maria (a jean we have had in since October) however these are in the Olympia wash. So a nice (oooh i hate that word!) warm blue, perfect with a simple white tee and a pair of cons for those lazy (ahem, hungover!!!) days. These retail at about £215 if memory serves me correct, and the previous at approximately £200. They are ultra light-weight, have front faux pockets and again, 4% lycra and are

a lovely ankle length. Perfect with heels and flats. Which then leads me on to the Houlihan in Olympia. The must have jean for 2010 and 2011. Seen on many celebrities, mainly Chezza Cole, Rhianna and good old V.B. They are a low-rise, but practically perfect in every way. Thay have the cargo style pockets to dress down but are just so god-damned cool that you can slip on a heel (Louboutin anyone??) a loose Wang tee and hop on out to your favoutie bar for a Cosmopolitan!!! Perfecto!
These do retail at £245, but are worth every penny and more.! And im not even biased because i sell them, i would wear them everyday!!!!! AND they even do a maternity jean for all you yummy-mummys-to-be out there!

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