Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Well, what can i say. Pinko. OH-EMM-GEEEEE! ( i normally hate that saying) but seriously, the collection is amazing. I am more than excited at the thought of looking at this everyday. And can i also just say, how different does Carmen Kass look????? HELLOOOOO! Wow, not only has the blonde beauty chopped off her cascading locks, but she has also gone dark!!!! Yesssss! (not that i'm biased or anything being a fellow brunette myself!) She looks amazing and has a completely different look from her Michael Kors days!!
The collection is simply divine, i can see where my entire wage is going to be heading. Arghhhhh! It is quite honestly pure fashion! Which i know may sound ridiculous as this is what we are here for. But whereas some fashions or collections are good for some people and not so hot for others, i reckon that every girl out there will find a piece they want from Pinko, its wearable, true to the season and more than true to fashion itself!!!!! Take a look!x

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