Sunday, 13 March 2011

So long farewell...

And the flares are back!!! Like the sound of music to my ears, especially if you can sometimes feel like that wobbly character from Noddy in a pair of skinnys! Top heavy...not a good look!!! But, if like me, you were once the proud owner of a pair of these, but, due to unforseen circumstances had to bid 'so long farewell auf wiedersehen goodbye' without even a last glimpse of them...well here is where you can pick up some more at a snip of your original payout!!!!! (The ones in question were the J-Brand Lovestory, meant to be a whopping £220 however the bargain hunter in me found the same ones for seven of your British in TK Maxx. Oh yes i sniffed those badboys out!)

Topshop wide leg £50
New Look flare £24.99
Matalan flare £10 (WOW!!!!!)
J-Brand Lovestory £200 (i think!)
Paige bell-bottom approx. £200

The bottom two are avialable online on or (and also brought a small tear to my eye!!!!!)

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