Monday, 14 March 2011

'You are amazing...' Yes, yes i actually am!!!

Funny isnt it. When something happens in your day that, no less than a few months ago, would have made you feel like everything was about to come crashing down! But then realisation hits and all of a sudden you are far stronger than you ever thought humanly possible! No i'm not talking about the moment you resist the temptation to buy something...although this is a life-changing moment, one i don't deal with on a regular basis! No no, this is a far stronger force...or so you once thought! The End is never a nice destination, especially if you actually enjoyed the journey! Oooh its like having to throw away those favourite jeans that you have literally worn until they're falling off your little legs, thats always bound to be a sad and tragic end! Its how you deal with it that matters, like ripping off a plaster, quick, without thought! Throw away those old clothes, straight into the bin and never return to rescue them. Drawing a line under something, getting a grip and moving on is the way to deal with it. Knowing that there is something better waiting around the next corner, be it that amazing new sequin Miu Miu bag, Christian Louboutin killer heels...or your Knight in Shining Armour! It is definitely worth the wait xxx

Oh so amazing Miu Miu £795 (ouch!!!!!)
Beautiful Louboutins (so much so that i want to cry!) £765

Both available at!

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