Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Christian Louboutin YOU ARE GOD!!!!!

Ahhhhh decisions, decisions. New dress for my multitude of weddings this Summer or a new pair of shoes alllll for me to enjoy daily! To stare at, dream about, make me look pretty, fill a delightful hole, give me an amazing distraction, and be the ultimate well done present to myself...what to do, what to do...


Roberta Palmer...I Salute You...

And so we bid farewell to our amazing manager Michelle...also known as Shelley Babes, The Shellster, The Shellatron M.C...she has nicknames in abundance! We gave her a night she would never forget. And now, sadly, we are on the week long countdown to her departure! No eyeliner for me for a full week, tears galore!

Robert Palmer eat your heart out! Roberta and crew rocked it and we rocked it better!!Xxx

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

It's A Celebration...

Well who would have thought it...little old me as Little Miss Manager. This makes a nice change as growing up i was more like Little Miss Naughty!!! Yes, i may sound like butter wouldnt melt but i was a tiny bit suspect in my younger years!
Obviously when one gets a new job, one celebrates...alot! And i am doing this in abundance. Never have i uttered the words 'Mother dearest, i will be out every night!' I quite like being this popular of late! And knowing that friends owe me drinks by the dozen means that my money is free for new clothes for a new beginning in my life. I fear i may go over the top with the new wardrobe and this cant really happen as wedding and holiday season is fast dresses and swimsuits are a-calling!
Here are just a few things that i may find purchasing, obviously just in celebration of my new post...!

By Malene Birger £215

Zara £22.99

Zara £29.99

Zara £35.99

Kurt Geiger £120

American Apparel £46

Ahhhhh i could go on and on! Doing this has probably been a mistake as i am now going to go well and truly shopping on payday! Ooops! Hiding carriers will definitely be the way forward on that day!!!!! Ah well, its all in a good cause...Celebrate good times COME ON!!!!!Xxx

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Like A Little Piece Of Heaven...

Ahhh and the wedding season is at last upon us! I have the grand total of three to attend this year and this makes me very happy...not just because i'm finally not a bridesmaid...but because i get to see some of my favourite people tie the knot!! OK, so the first probably rings more true for me! I thought i had settled on outfits and alas, i have not! This doesn't shock me, and to be fair i imagine it doesn't shock many of you. I am theeeee most indecisive person i have met!!! I didn't dare buy an outfit just incase i fell in love with something else at a later date. Oh its just like men, dont fall for one just incase a better one comes along when you least expect it!!!!! But this was before this fell into my life, like a perfect little raindrop (should a raindrop come in such beautiful colours!) I feel that as i have a new job (yes, yes say hello to Little Miss ADM...thank you, thank you very much *round of applause*!!!!!) and the fact that i have a wedding in the beautiful surroundings of Whitby, i deserve to have this slice of perfection. Afterall, what do you work so hard for if you cant at least treat yourself every so often...

Ahhhhh i can almost feel the dress on me already! We were made for eachother. I shall be at the weddings with my perfect match!!!Xxx

Friday, 22 April 2011

Bye Bye Shelley-Babes...

And so the shame doesn't only stay confined within the world of my darling workplace, it is now posted Had i not have consumed those three small glasses of wine tonight, this little gem would not be being posted!

Enjoy...but not nearly as much as i did!!Xxx

Monday, 18 April 2011

Pretty In Pink...

A regular Monday afternoon. I flick on to Sky to see what cheesy movies can keep me entertained. Not only does the soundtrack feature music by two of my favourite bands...The Smiths, Echo And The Bunnymen...but it also stars my new fashion icon, my inspiration over recent years. All hail Molly Ringwald. Pretty In Pink, pretty in everything. Yes, yes my new girl crush!!! Obviously i have fallen madly in love with Andrew McCarthy also, this goes without saying. (We are currently at the prom and i am holding out for a reunion between the two, its got to happen, this is Hollywood afterall, happy endings go without saying!)

Right from her short red hair, to her oversized blazers and flowery leggings. I heart this girl. She wears nothing that isnt pure Coolness, yes thats right, cool with a capital C!!! (They have just kissed, yesssss!) Stonewash denim, enough jewellery to start up a shop, wayfarers, trilbys and lace....ahhh i can almost smell the 80s!
I am a girl obsessed.
Next stop Breakfast Club...she had better not let me down!
Move over Kate Moss. You have been replaced.
Molly Ringwald...i heart you!!Xxx

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Addicted To Love...

And so it seems the hot weather is finally upon us! What is it with the sun, even on these early early Sunday mornings it makes it so much easier to get up! The mood is brighter, losing the will is quite literally lost and the need to get up and do something with the entire day is there all the more. The playsuits are out, the glasses are on and the beer gardens are a calling. However, i think after the weekends antics the only pink juice i will be sipping is Cranberry juice. A healthy way to start the week. I need not mention the night out on Tuesday, i may opt for my Carafe of wine to be pineapple juice instead!!!
So, providing entertainment to the masses is rather worrying and especially doing it sober. I feel a pick-me-up is in order. I am under strict instruction to only wear a black dress, heels red lipstick and red nail varnish. A shopping trip is definitely needed. It is true that i have black dresses upon black dresses, upon black get my drift! But it is a special occasion and these call for newness in the dress department.

This is making me quite excited. I think i shall start dressing like this everyday! These women look like they've just walked off a Moschino ad campaign. Yes. This will be i on Tuesday night. I am cringing slightly at the thought, but at least i will look good whilst doing it! This is always the most important thing!!Xxx

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A Week In The Life Of Queen Bee...

Day 1- casual day off getting the hair done! Denim shirt and red H&M hot pants...who likes short shorts??!!! Oh and not forgetting the Celine bag...

Day 2- Topshop blazer and boots (fit!!) H&M shirt, Zara leggings! Predictabcle but chic... xxx

Day 3- A night out with the bestie! Kate Moss polka dot dress, white Topshop blazer and my favoutite Topshop boots!!!Xxx

Day 4- H&M printed shirt £12.99, white high-waisted denim shorts £14.99. Bow added extra...also worn with converse high-tops and my token ankle socks!!!Xxx

Day 5- Tutu-styleee dress, thick black tights, tassel loafers, black biker jacket and a faux-suede tassel bag! Girky rocker chic...totally loved it!!!Xxx

Day 6- Levi cut offs (Urban Outfitters, my new faves!) Old lady blazer (i kid you not! You should see the label!!!) And my beloved suede tassel bag! Perfect night out with my London bezzie!!!Xxx

Home...Or Away...??!

Something happens and you want to break free. And you're not the only one that has this reaction. People seem to be under the illusion that happiness only exists in sunnier climes, or just somewhere faraway and unrelated to all problems. Holidays or simply 'getting away' isnt real life, its almost like hiding or pretending that things are better than they actually are. The broken heart you are nursing has gone with you, its just the edges arent quite so sharp when youre sipping a cocktail at the side of a pool! Those edges return to their previous state as soon as you return back to reality. 'Tis true that things seem different when you're looking at them from a different angle, or even from a different country. Distance offers you clarity. When you're away from things you feel invincible. Christ, i went to London for a few days and felt like i could finally be the person i always wanted to be. I also felt like i could have conquered the world when i returned!! It was like being on stage again, capable of almost anything, untouchable!
Thinking positive is what gets you through things and being comfortable with decisions and situations no matter where you are. I admit its not always easy to do. Whilst you're in this 'other' place, living your 'other' life, people seem nicer, things dont seem quite so bad. You're having far too much of a good time to worry about the heartbreak you are actually feeling inside...!
However, running away means that you're not dealing with it. Staying put and working through it is ultimately what makes you a stronger person. The better person. Over the past couple of days, fighting panic attacks and gruelling hangovers, i have realised that nothing good or positive can come of living a life like this. No one is worth that much pain, anger or indeed heartache, even though it doesnt feel like that straight away...

"...'One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.' Find a way to adjust your perspective and you might discover what you are looking for!"

...I'm changing my outlook, my perspective, my whole way of thinking. I will be the person i want to be, the person i deserve to be. Because i know i can be...!!!Xxx

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I. Love. Me...Finally...!

Funny what a bit of length can do...

I am in love...yet again. And for a change its with myself haha! Well, if you dont love yourself you cant expect anyone else goes the first date in nearly a year! Eeekkkkk! Wish me luck!!Xxx

Friday, 8 April 2011

In The Summertime...

Seems to me that the weather has finally broken yesssss (how long for remains to be seen!!!!!) Days off like this are perfect for just driving around, Rihanna blasting, sunglasses on (posing. check!) roof down and the sun beating down. Pure bliss.
Annoying to think that i am now spending the days of the so-called mini-heatwave stuck in work. And of course knowing my luck rain will begin just in time for my weekend off in just a small weeks time! However, i cant complain too much, having enjoyed every minute the sun had to offer today with family time, red wine, BBQ...ahhh yessss! 'Tis truly the season for outdoor playtime, picnics galore and wine, wine and more wine! My favourite time of the year! I have a little feeling that this Summer is going to be the best!!!!!
I think its time to dig out the maxi dresses, ditch the 80 denier opaques, get on those wayfarers and pose your way into the Summer Sun! Perfection!

The brighter, the slouchier, the skimpier the better!
Acne have some amazing floor skimming jersey dresses, black and shell in colour. Easy to dress down with a pair of flats and tight enough to wear through to night. Scrape up that hair, add your fierce red lips and you are sure to wow the crowds of any town! Florals have been around for i dont know how long and they are going no place, head to your high street and pick up a maxi for the best part of...what?? £40?? Ideal! And if you're not in the market for Ray Ban's then i happen to know that H&M have some amazing sunglasses on offer, i should know seeing as i bought some a week ago and they have been glued to my face ever since! Yes. The sexiest season is most definitely here and i plan to make the most of it!!Xxx

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Just A Quiet Word...

Fashion has alot to answer for really. I have been a fan...well, ever since i used to go to Tammy Girl and buy the younger version of my older sister Emma's outfits. She was like the coolest person i knew, her wardrobe was one to be seriously jealous of. Her student loans rarely went on student things, instead she was a regular at Harvey Nichols events. I think that place was like her second home. Moschino, Versace, Westwood, Dolce...just a few names that you would find whilst rummaging through her wears. It was like heaven when she used to shout 'Shall i have a jumble sale??' you always knew that you would come out with more than a broken jewellery box or a one-eyed teddy! Think more Ralph Lauren perfume or a Pringle low-backed jumper. Ahhh the joys of being the youngest of five, the hand-me-downs were second-to-none!
Fashion has always been a major part of my life and these days gets me through many times, bad and good! Not just shopping, no, no, no i dont need to go to Shoppers Anonymous...not just yet anyway. The webites, the magazines, all the things that inspired me to start this blog. It has become my own form of therapy, its so much easier to talk about things through the medium of another! Be it music, photography, tattoos...well for me its the world of fashion. These days i encounter obstacles and the way i deal with it is opening up the 'New Post' header on this little badboy and just start writing. A release. Its cheaper than shopping, its healthier than drinking and leaves you feeling as fresh as a new day should feel...or at least like they used to when you skipped to school in your little blue checked summer dress. Ahhh what i wouldnt give to live those days again.
Everything seems better in hindsight doesn't it?? Just as you never really know what you have until its gone...just a quiet word this Tuesday afternoon. Flu ridden, um-make-upped, but still cant give up the gift of the gab!! Its nice to finally feel comfortable!!Xxx


I like to have my fix of this boy!
Yes, yes, yes, yes, YESSSSS!
Ahhhhh my girl flu is subsiding already!!

Your Mother Should Know...

Why do Mothers always know best; 'put it down to experience...The only way to move on is to do something positive' and that is exactly what i intend to do, getting angry just worsens the current illness and heightens the need to shop...something i need to curb after recent purchases. So, instead you put on your finest outfit (most probably a gorgeous little dress and killer boots!) and have a lemonade only night with your bezzies. Honestly girls, its the way forward, much more appealing and no hangover the day after. What more could you ask for??!
I suppose this is a little bit like 'what should you wear on a first date'...especially when you already know them! You dont want to under-dress as they know theres absolutely no chance whatsoever of you ever venturing out without feeling a million dollars. But on the flip side you dont want to totally go for it and look like you've made too much of an effort. Ahhh i think this is where alter-ego Queen Bee comes in. Yesssss!
So, you figure out where you're going, and what time, THIS is always important. Going out in the broadest of daylights in a tiny dress and token wedges is never a match made in heaven, even if you and the intended definitely are!!
Being a massive fan of the 70s look of late i feel that the wide leg trouser or jean are a definite on the hit-list!

Take the j-brand Doll jean (my very own, returned to me finally! Twas like the start of Summer when they strolled back in!) pair with a shirt buttoned up, a sheer camisole or a loose vest knotted at the front (my chosen outfit for a recent night out) and some shoes that show off how exactly perfect they really are! Understated yet elegant, less flesh but alot of leg and bum, chic, sexy and completely fashion forward! If you're not a jean type of person, which i didnt think i was until i found these puppies, opt for the palazzo pant instead. They are adorning mannequins in windows everywhere, go on do it! Dump the skinny and go for the extra wide leg, you will never look back (god my Mum would love that comment!!!)

Palazzo pants AND floral. A definite match made in heaven! Time to dig these out i think!!!

If you have already settled on a dress then just be wary of the leggage situation. Your fake tan may go wrong and streaky or you may cut yourself whilst shaving OUCH!!! Have some tights as a back up! Heavy black ones always look good but may leave you feeling like you're going to work so try some of these

(all available at Wolford)

And if you're feeling super good that day, go for these...a regular favourite of mine...

Ahhhhh the suspender tight, perfect for every occassion. Under a dress just so that you can slightly see the detail, with denim hot pants and a pair of flats, the perfect LBD or indeed now a WBD, (warmer weather ideal for the pure whiteness of this season!!)

Oooooh i feel better already!!Xxx

Monday, 4 April 2011

Just A Little Bit In Love With You...

There is only one thing to do when feeling down and ill...definitely not drink, this is only set to make the symptoms worse! I am also beginning to realise that i talk about alcohol far too much...a detox is definitely on the cards. So, instead i resort to shopping!! A much better way to spend money i feel, especially when you dont even have to leave the house to do it. Leaving work early through poorliness was spent in a good way. Ahhhhh Prada you have filled a small hole in my life, i will treasure you dearly, use you everyday and be proud to have you on my arm at every opportunity. Almost like a trophy boyfriend, however this doesnt annoy you, answer you back, ignore you...i think i should stop there as this could on for far too long!

My sleepless night will be filled with visions of this! I realised that Miu Miu was going to limit the colours i could wear...turquoise teamed with my neon yellow Christopher Kane dress was only going to make me look like tragic, tragic car crash couture. Whereas normally i like this look, i felt that the Prada was just a classic. There is going to be some serious bag envy around!!Xxx

Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Little Bit Of Miu Miu...

This needs to find itself in my life, somehow, anyhow! I care not how it gets there...

Saturday nights out would be gladly sacrificed for this little ray of would food, bus fares, magazines...just basic necessities in daily life. At 795 big ones life as i know it at the moment would have to end. But come on, it is totally worth it. I would wear Primarni everyday as long as i could accessorise it with Miu Miu!!Xxx

Friday, 1 April 2011

Acne...In All It's Glory!

Not the nicest name for a brand, you picture some angry teenager with slightly problematic skin! However, Acne in this form couldnt be more different from the spotty kids you went to school with. Born and bred in Sweden, Acne actually stands for 'ambition to create novel expressions', the company began as a creative consultancy. Jonny Johansson then began to make jeans for his clients which became an instant cult hit. Acne as we now know it had officially arrived! And its hard not to see the attraction. Not only is it totally wearable, its chic, its sexy, its totally going to make you stand out in a crowd (blending in is not for me!!!) I have never been more pleased for Acne to land in my life like little raindrops sent straight from heaven. And i never thought that i would be thankful for Acne at my age! I think the orange dress needs to be in my wardrobe, my life, on my person right now actually. It will enhance my life a great deal...this is how i sold it to Momma Carole anyway!!!Xxx