Friday, 1 April 2011

Acne...In All It's Glory!

Not the nicest name for a brand, you picture some angry teenager with slightly problematic skin! However, Acne in this form couldnt be more different from the spotty kids you went to school with. Born and bred in Sweden, Acne actually stands for 'ambition to create novel expressions', the company began as a creative consultancy. Jonny Johansson then began to make jeans for his clients which became an instant cult hit. Acne as we now know it had officially arrived! And its hard not to see the attraction. Not only is it totally wearable, its chic, its sexy, its totally going to make you stand out in a crowd (blending in is not for me!!!) I have never been more pleased for Acne to land in my life like little raindrops sent straight from heaven. And i never thought that i would be thankful for Acne at my age! I think the orange dress needs to be in my wardrobe, my life, on my person right now actually. It will enhance my life a great deal...this is how i sold it to Momma Carole anyway!!!Xxx

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