Sunday, 17 April 2011

Addicted To Love...

And so it seems the hot weather is finally upon us! What is it with the sun, even on these early early Sunday mornings it makes it so much easier to get up! The mood is brighter, losing the will is quite literally lost and the need to get up and do something with the entire day is there all the more. The playsuits are out, the glasses are on and the beer gardens are a calling. However, i think after the weekends antics the only pink juice i will be sipping is Cranberry juice. A healthy way to start the week. I need not mention the night out on Tuesday, i may opt for my Carafe of wine to be pineapple juice instead!!!
So, providing entertainment to the masses is rather worrying and especially doing it sober. I feel a pick-me-up is in order. I am under strict instruction to only wear a black dress, heels red lipstick and red nail varnish. A shopping trip is definitely needed. It is true that i have black dresses upon black dresses, upon black get my drift! But it is a special occasion and these call for newness in the dress department.

This is making me quite excited. I think i shall start dressing like this everyday! These women look like they've just walked off a Moschino ad campaign. Yes. This will be i on Tuesday night. I am cringing slightly at the thought, but at least i will look good whilst doing it! This is always the most important thing!!Xxx

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