Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Home...Or Away...??!

Something happens and you want to break free. And you're not the only one that has this reaction. People seem to be under the illusion that happiness only exists in sunnier climes, or just somewhere faraway and unrelated to all problems. Holidays or simply 'getting away' isnt real life, its almost like hiding or pretending that things are better than they actually are. The broken heart you are nursing has gone with you, its just the edges arent quite so sharp when youre sipping a cocktail at the side of a pool! Those edges return to their previous state as soon as you return back to reality. 'Tis true that things seem different when you're looking at them from a different angle, or even from a different country. Distance offers you clarity. When you're away from things you feel invincible. Christ, i went to London for a few days and felt like i could finally be the person i always wanted to be. I also felt like i could have conquered the world when i returned!! It was like being on stage again, capable of almost anything, untouchable!
Thinking positive is what gets you through things and being comfortable with decisions and situations no matter where you are. I admit its not always easy to do. Whilst you're in this 'other' place, living your 'other' life, people seem nicer, things dont seem quite so bad. You're having far too much of a good time to worry about the heartbreak you are actually feeling inside...!
However, running away means that you're not dealing with it. Staying put and working through it is ultimately what makes you a stronger person. The better person. Over the past couple of days, fighting panic attacks and gruelling hangovers, i have realised that nothing good or positive can come of living a life like this. No one is worth that much pain, anger or indeed heartache, even though it doesnt feel like that straight away...

"...'One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.' Find a way to adjust your perspective and you might discover what you are looking for!"

...I'm changing my outlook, my perspective, my whole way of thinking. I will be the person i want to be, the person i deserve to be. Because i know i can be...!!!Xxx

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