Friday, 8 April 2011

In The Summertime...

Seems to me that the weather has finally broken yesssss (how long for remains to be seen!!!!!) Days off like this are perfect for just driving around, Rihanna blasting, sunglasses on (posing. check!) roof down and the sun beating down. Pure bliss.
Annoying to think that i am now spending the days of the so-called mini-heatwave stuck in work. And of course knowing my luck rain will begin just in time for my weekend off in just a small weeks time! However, i cant complain too much, having enjoyed every minute the sun had to offer today with family time, red wine, BBQ...ahhh yessss! 'Tis truly the season for outdoor playtime, picnics galore and wine, wine and more wine! My favourite time of the year! I have a little feeling that this Summer is going to be the best!!!!!
I think its time to dig out the maxi dresses, ditch the 80 denier opaques, get on those wayfarers and pose your way into the Summer Sun! Perfection!

The brighter, the slouchier, the skimpier the better!
Acne have some amazing floor skimming jersey dresses, black and shell in colour. Easy to dress down with a pair of flats and tight enough to wear through to night. Scrape up that hair, add your fierce red lips and you are sure to wow the crowds of any town! Florals have been around for i dont know how long and they are going no place, head to your high street and pick up a maxi for the best part of...what?? £40?? Ideal! And if you're not in the market for Ray Ban's then i happen to know that H&M have some amazing sunglasses on offer, i should know seeing as i bought some a week ago and they have been glued to my face ever since! Yes. The sexiest season is most definitely here and i plan to make the most of it!!Xxx

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