Monday, 4 April 2011

Just A Little Bit In Love With You...

There is only one thing to do when feeling down and ill...definitely not drink, this is only set to make the symptoms worse! I am also beginning to realise that i talk about alcohol far too much...a detox is definitely on the cards. So, instead i resort to shopping!! A much better way to spend money i feel, especially when you dont even have to leave the house to do it. Leaving work early through poorliness was spent in a good way. Ahhhhh Prada you have filled a small hole in my life, i will treasure you dearly, use you everyday and be proud to have you on my arm at every opportunity. Almost like a trophy boyfriend, however this doesnt annoy you, answer you back, ignore you...i think i should stop there as this could on for far too long!

My sleepless night will be filled with visions of this! I realised that Miu Miu was going to limit the colours i could wear...turquoise teamed with my neon yellow Christopher Kane dress was only going to make me look like tragic, tragic car crash couture. Whereas normally i like this look, i felt that the Prada was just a classic. There is going to be some serious bag envy around!!Xxx

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