Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Just A Quiet Word...

Fashion has alot to answer for really. I have been a fan...well, ever since i used to go to Tammy Girl and buy the younger version of my older sister Emma's outfits. She was like the coolest person i knew, her wardrobe was one to be seriously jealous of. Her student loans rarely went on student things, instead she was a regular at Harvey Nichols events. I think that place was like her second home. Moschino, Versace, Westwood, Dolce...just a few names that you would find whilst rummaging through her wears. It was like heaven when she used to shout 'Shall i have a jumble sale??' you always knew that you would come out with more than a broken jewellery box or a one-eyed teddy! Think more Ralph Lauren perfume or a Pringle low-backed jumper. Ahhh the joys of being the youngest of five, the hand-me-downs were second-to-none!
Fashion has always been a major part of my life and these days gets me through many times, bad and good! Not just shopping, no, no, no i dont need to go to Shoppers Anonymous...not just yet anyway. The webites, the magazines, all the things that inspired me to start this blog. It has become my own form of therapy, its so much easier to talk about things through the medium of another! Be it music, photography, tattoos...well for me its the world of fashion. These days i encounter obstacles and the way i deal with it is opening up the 'New Post' header on this little badboy and just start writing. A release. Its cheaper than shopping, its healthier than drinking and leaves you feeling as fresh as a new day should feel...or at least like they used to when you skipped to school in your little blue checked summer dress. Ahhh what i wouldnt give to live those days again.
Everything seems better in hindsight doesn't it?? Just as you never really know what you have until its gone...just a quiet word this Tuesday afternoon. Flu ridden, um-make-upped, but still cant give up the gift of the gab!! Its nice to finally feel comfortable!!Xxx

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