Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Your Mother Should Know...

Why do Mothers always know best; 'put it down to experience...The only way to move on is to do something positive' and that is exactly what i intend to do, getting angry just worsens the current illness and heightens the need to shop...something i need to curb after recent purchases. So, instead you put on your finest outfit (most probably a gorgeous little dress and killer boots!) and have a lemonade only night with your bezzies. Honestly girls, its the way forward, much more appealing and no hangover the day after. What more could you ask for??!
I suppose this is a little bit like 'what should you wear on a first date'...especially when you already know them! You dont want to under-dress as they know theres absolutely no chance whatsoever of you ever venturing out without feeling a million dollars. But on the flip side you dont want to totally go for it and look like you've made too much of an effort. Ahhh i think this is where alter-ego Queen Bee comes in. Yesssss!
So, you figure out where you're going, and what time, THIS is always important. Going out in the broadest of daylights in a tiny dress and token wedges is never a match made in heaven, even if you and the intended definitely are!!
Being a massive fan of the 70s look of late i feel that the wide leg trouser or jean are a definite on the hit-list!

Take the j-brand Doll jean (my very own, returned to me finally! Twas like the start of Summer when they strolled back in!) pair with a shirt buttoned up, a sheer camisole or a loose vest knotted at the front (my chosen outfit for a recent night out) and some shoes that show off how exactly perfect they really are! Understated yet elegant, less flesh but alot of leg and bum, chic, sexy and completely fashion forward! If you're not a jean type of person, which i didnt think i was until i found these puppies, opt for the palazzo pant instead. They are adorning mannequins in windows everywhere, go on do it! Dump the skinny and go for the extra wide leg, you will never look back (god my Mum would love that comment!!!)

Palazzo pants AND floral. A definite match made in heaven! Time to dig these out i think!!!

If you have already settled on a dress then just be wary of the leggage situation. Your fake tan may go wrong and streaky or you may cut yourself whilst shaving OUCH!!! Have some tights as a back up! Heavy black ones always look good but may leave you feeling like you're going to work so try some of these

(all available at Wolford)

And if you're feeling super good that day, go for these...a regular favourite of mine...

Ahhhhh the suspender tight, perfect for every occassion. Under a dress just so that you can slightly see the detail, with denim hot pants and a pair of flats, the perfect LBD or indeed now a WBD, (warmer weather ideal for the pure whiteness of this season!!)

Oooooh i feel better already!!Xxx

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