Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Rambling Of Sorts...

Ahhh 10-10, Good Morning long shift! How i long to see the back of you, not because i hate working these no, no, no! As a very large glass of wine after hours soon lifts the spirits! But i can see the masses of people descending on the escalator, eager to grab anything and everything in sight. Oh what it must be like to have more money than sense. However having said this, today is the long awaited pay day so i too will be acting like i am a Queen for at least a week!
New clothes are a must, i am already tired of the collection i bought only a mere four weeks ago! I do try to tell people that i bore easily, maybe now they will actually see this! I know not what it is i need to hold my attention for any length of time, be it men, food, clothes, cars, phones...after a few weeks i long for newness, excitement! My mum does hope that one day i will just settle and realise that life isnt a fairytale, of course i know that i'm not a Disney Princess (probably Belle if i could choose...oooh did i really just admit to that??!) but life is constantly evolving and changing and if you dont change with it then its simple to say that you're just standing still. Stagnant. Dont get me wrong i can be constant with things if needs be, my job is one thing that keeps me going and perhaps looking at the endless changes in fashion keeps me on the go in all aspects of my life. I change with the season and style also! Ahhh how i do enjoy a morning rant to myself, i feel i can now comfortably enjoy my verrrrry long day! 10-10, i shall see you on the other side!!!Xxx

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Lucy In Disguise...

Too much to look forward to this coming week! Aside from the heavy 10-10 shift (urghhh!) i have the arrival of a new phone, (this is sure to fill a few days until the novelty wears off!) and then a visit off the bestest direct from Le Capitale! Obviously this coincides nicely with a jolly old weekend off and payday, YESSS!! A day that will most definitely be the best day of the month!!!!!
Speaking of the bezzie. She reminded me about the unveiling of Lily Allen's new label 'Lucy In Disguise' that took place in Knightsbride. Lily herself was actually there with other celebrities in tow. My head nearly exploded with envy when she told me she saw Grimmy, i reckon i would have proposed to him there and then...or just stood there staring with dropped jaw!!! Lord above, this is why i should live in London. I am keeping all things crossed for him coming to the Leeds store, i think the chances are slim but i will live in hope! Rumour has it he is currently dating Ellie Goulding anyway...meh, i can overcome these small obstacles!
My excitement levels are rocketing as we speak. Having a celebrity in store most certainly makes the day all the more interesting. And i cant wait to see the collection i reckon it could be right up my street! Bye bye uniform allowance!!!

Lucy In Disguise is the work of Lily Allen and her sister Sarah Owen. Anyone can see her love for fashion and especially vintage fashion (like music to my ears!) Their aim is to make vintage style attainable, together they have made a collection that is both stylish and affordable! All words i am immensely fond of! Their world brings you charlston style dresses form the 20s, 1940s tea dresses, Studio 54 numbers from the Swinging Sixties and all the glitz and glamour form the disco inspired 70s and 80s. Whatever you want you will be sure to find all under their little roof!

'Lucy In Disguise – the modern girl’s way to do vintage.'

Their stand alone store on King Street, Covent Garden, London Town!!

Just a few pics that featured in Junes edition of Elle!

Lucy In Disguise already has a celeb cult following with the likes of Sophie Ellis Bextor, Charlotte Dellal, Jamie Winstone and Jade Williams donning some of these amazing pieces. Oooh i cant wait to pick out my new buys!!!!! If you want to see more of what she has to offer get on thier blog or visit Vogue.com! Neither will disappoint!!!Xxx

Friday, 27 May 2011

Kors I Shall Go To The Ball...

Once again you have been neglected. My sincere apologies. I have become my job of late, so a glass of wine after hours has most definitely been needed!!! A busy old week consisiting of days off, days in, late nights, trips to the hair dressers and hearing amazingly, amazing good news! Ahh, all in all a great weeks work. And its not over yet!
Still on the look out for that perfect dress (Christ, anyone would think that i'm the bride!!) and still non the wiser of where i am going to find it! I think its going to be somewhat of a panic buy if my shopping trip out-of-town doesnt bring me any luck. However, i do feel as though my luck is changing (i will tell all at a later date...) so who knows maybe that dress is just hanging on a rail waiting for just me to find her (its blatantly gonna be a girl!!!)
I am keeping everything crossed for our new brand to introduce a perfecto dress for me, Michael by Micheal Kors WILL pull through, i am just sure of it! Trouble is its AW11 (yes thats right i could be wearing next season before we even get to it eeeeek! Excited!) so at the moment its all black!!! Now, if we follow tradition black is not to be worn for the exchanging of vows, brings bad luck apparently. And i fear my best friend would never forgive me should i bring doom as my guest!

Admittedly, the top one is more one for office yes?? And only retailing at £120, well, this will be bought regardless.
The black dropped-back one is perfect for the Summer sun (i feel this must not be for the Fall season. Jersey fabric is not one to be worn in icy conditions!)
The fuschia is just ideal for every summer occasion, BBQs, nuptials, birthdays...oooh just everything and again its a mere £130. Oooh a total bargain!

And this little beauty, well what can i say that you can't already see form the picture. Its beuaty personified (obviously the hot model wearing it helps!) i daren't even look at the price for fear of my eyes actually popping out of my head. A girl can always dream and i most certainly will be dreaming of this!!!Xxx

Monday, 23 May 2011

Set Fire To The Rain...

My new song of the moment...


I let it fall, my heart,
And as it fell, you rose to claim it
It was dark and I was over
Until you kissed my lips and you saved me
My hands, they're strong
But my knees were far too weak
To stand in your arms
Without falling to your feet
But there's a side to you
That I never knew, never knew.
All the things you'd say
They were never true, never true,
And the games you play
You would always win, always win.
But I set fire to the rain,
Watched it pour as I touched your face,
Well, it burned while I cried
'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name!
When I lay with you
I could stay there
Close my eyes
Feel you're here forever
You and me together
Nothing gets better
'Cause there's a side to you
That I never knew, never knew,
All the things you'd say,
They were never true, never true,
And the games you play
You would always win, always win.
But I set fire to the rain,
Watched it pour as I touched your face,
Well, it burned while I cried
'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name!
I set fire to the rain
And I threw us into the flames
Well, it felt something died
'Cause I knew that that was the last time, the last time!
Sometimes I wake up by the door,
That heart you caught, must be waiting for you
Even now when we're already over
I can't help myself from looking for you.
I set fire to the rain,
Watch it pour as I touch your face,
Well, it burned while I cried
'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name
I set fire to the rain,
And I threw us into the flames
Well, it felt something died
'Cause I knew that that was the last time
The last time, oh, oh!
Let it burn
Let it burn
Let it burn


Saturday, 21 May 2011

It Will Be All White On The Night...

Only a few more weeks to go until the first wedding of the year and still no dress!!!!! This isnt boding well with me! My perfect one sadly got sold at work, i had to watch as it disappeared from my life forever. Although i do believe it has gone to a good home i also feel that i shall never meet another quite so beautiful. And believe me i have looked. Shops, internet, even resorted to ebay...i think this just wasnt meant to be! Que sera sera and and all that, i am determined to find another. Perhaps its a good thing that i havent found one as if i had to look at the same one for too long i'd probably get bored anyway. I know what i'm like, nothing lasts too long for this girl before utter boredom sets in. Only the truly perfect will last!!!

There are just simply too many to choose from!!! The last being my most favourite by far! It is also available in white, but i can hardly turn up to a wedding in a long white dress now...can i??!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Call On Me...

What does one wear to the gym these days?! Is it totally unacceptable to wear a full face of make-up?? Or indeed a shirt and bow tie?! This is my signature style of late so am completely unprepared for what we term as 'casual dress' the only dress down i do is any form of nightwear! And this is not a look i am a fan of!! Thank god night times are only for the eyes of myself and Mummy Carole (who actually has no choice in seeing me scantily clad for the intended hour!!) Make up off and leopard print dressing gown is not ideal attire, or so i've heard! Now i am lead to believe that most people will don anything for the gym! Who cares, all you're doing is getting hot and sweaty anyway! Hair will frizz, any amount of make up will melt off and apparently stocking inspired tights will be frowned upon! Well thats just great isnt it??! Maybe its time for me to bust some lycra, maybe the ones with the neon stripes down the side...orrrr perhaps the little running shorts that go right up on the outer thigh! Mmmmm beautiful! I think i may dress like im on the old Eric Prydz video, sweat bands, neon (almost on trend with the block colour!!) thong leotards...mmmmm i will be the belle of the gym, or rather the laughing stock!!!!! You understand that this is all for jest, i obviously will not be wearing lycra (totally not becoming!) or indeed neon (it simply does nothing for my skintone!) I think its time for me to embrace the au naturelle look, take off the make up and throw on some...erm...slacks?? I know not what this means to be fair, but i'm pretty sure i will find my style for the gymnasium! Can i still wear wedges though??!!!


A Modern Day Cinderella...

Christian Louboutin
Rozeppa 140 suede sandals

Having tried on a similar pair a while back, i instantly fell in love! They fit like an absolute glove. It was like living the fairytale moment when the Prince places the perfect glass slipper on Cinderella's foot. Now i am by no means a floor scrubbing maid (my nail varninsh would like sooo chip!) but i do like to think of myself as a Princess in waiting!! Well, we all have dreams don't we??!
Seriously though, they are everything you could want in a shoe...not only are they Louboutin (with the truly divine signature red sole!) but also teamed up with Roland Mouret (utter perfection!) they're suede, they're platforms (SEX!) they have gold trim (oh my!) I think i may have to stop right there, its far too early to be getting this excited!
Ahhhh, well i know what i will be dreaming about tonight...!!!Xxx

Monday, 16 May 2011

Off On A Tattoo Tangent...

So much to do and so little time to do it! Evenings out a-calling and long working days ahead...ah a girls work is never done. Thank goodness for a quiet weekend and a day off wandering the streets of York (purchashing new shoes along the way and fingers crossed, a new phone eeeeek!) the calm before the storm no doubt! What with social events and work, well i simply needed this relaxation time.
So, inbetween visiting blog after blog, Vogue.com, net-a-porter, style.com (well, i could go on but i think you get my drift!) i stumbled across pictures, drawings, sketches, inspiration for...hmmmmm, how shall i put it?? new body adornments??! Maybe i should be a tad more specific, instead of saying stumbled i will admit and say purposely visited sites to give me inspiration for a new tattoo! Yesssss! Ahhhhh i feel so much better for getting it off my chest. It has indeed been some months since hearing the rattle of the machine, the smell of the disinfectant, the delightfulness of walking out with clingfilm wrapped around a body part (not so pleasant as it happens, makes you feel like cooked meat!!!) So i think its time to add more to my collection. I feel this may come as a surprise to those of you who dont know me, so just incase you are one of the minority...i have a long-standing love affair with tattoos, much to my Mother's dismay may i add. I have a fair few to say the least, the most recent being another nephews initial (very small so simply didnt satisfy enough!) My sisters need to go easy on the baby making front though as soon i will just look like a walking alphabet!!!!! I am just at the start of my search and have so many ideas flashing through my mind...who knows what will end up being pride of place on my ribs! Oooooh exciting times...

...I think i may have just found a winner! Thank you muchly Kat Von D!!!Xxx



The story of a girls unrequited love...

...a most perfect way to spend an evening. Watching one of the most romantic ballets ever made...Giselle.

Be there. I sure hope to be!!Xxx

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Season Perfection...

Early mornings. Late nights. Sixth day in a row...and still going strong. Yes. There is no stopping me these days. Obviously i am looking forward to my day off but i will sadly admit that my new job has become my life. It marks a new chapter and i couldn't be happier. Aaaaand, i havent shopped for about two weeks (firstly, roll on payday!) this means that i will have a major blow out in the coming weeks! I am sure my wardrobe is shrinking, or maybe i am just bored of everything in it. I need new things to look at, be proud of, the new season needs to emerge in all its glory! As much as i am loving the block colour (and yes my orange trousers went down an absolute treat...and also grew two sizes over the course of the day and night!!! Don't you just hate it when that happens??!) the shops seem to have gone block colour overkill. If you're not on the look out for bright orange, cobalt blue or cerise pink you can only chooose form jersey vests, white lace or beige. And with my skintone, well, beige makes me look like i am walking along naked!!!!! Never a good look for anyone! No, i want some of thisssss...

From high-wasits to dropped waists! Fur, leather, fringing galore! The calf length pencil will rock and i am going back to my roots with the monochrome! Greys and pastels, mink to sheer! Ahhhhh i am so excited. Admittedly not so much for the weather this season brings with it, but look at what we can invest in! That more than makes up for the rain and wind inspired hairstyles we have to endure for months at a time.
Yes indeed, the coming months couldnt be better. A long hot summer (or short and rainy as i seem to forget that we are in England and not some sunnier clime) out with the girlies donning the brights, birthdays, holidays, weddings...too much to look forward to!

Roll on payday and roll on AW11 collections...my wishlist has just rocketed!!!Xxx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Fashion Fix...

I am not used to so many nights out. My wardrobe is not as updated as it should be for this sudden splurge of funtimes! I love the fact that i had some mix of Carrie Bradshaw crossed with Alexa today though...

...this was the look i rocked, a little tutu number teamed with black tights, tassel brogues and a leather biker and clutch...perfect for a days work followed by wines with the besties!
However, this becomes difficult when out tomorrow night also, methinks i need to plan the outfit now! I need inspiration, where to turn?? More Sex and the City?? The Only Way Is Essex?? Hahahahahah i think that we all know the answer to that. Imagine!!!!! I am thinking that tomorrow needs to bring lots of colour, brighten up the sadness that the day is set to bring.

Yes, yes i have these little beauties (more so the ones on the right i believe!) whether or not i look as amazing in them as she does remains to be seen...i'm thinking perhaps not!! Maybe paired up with my black see-through shirt??? Ahhh how heartless of my preparing an outfit to bid farewell to my Shelley-Babes...but you never know where you may end up!!!!!Xxx

Pub Quiz?? Never Again...

Never, ever enter a pub quiz! My word i always thought i was quite intelligent...it turns out im really not. What is the meaning of the word SCUBA?? Seriously do these people expect regular Vogue buyers to know these kind of things?? And the food and drink section...really?? Unless you're going to ask me something about Normans menu then just dont bother. Although, i like to think that its the taking part that counts...??! I wish i had read those encyclopedias we used to have when we were kids, maybe i'd have had a small chance of knowing what thr maximun break in snooker was...or maybe they actually wouldnt put that in there! However, i did congratulate myself on knowing the main guy in When Harry Met Sally...Billy Crystal of course! This was an achievement as i have never even seen the movie! Imagine my horror therefore when i was asked to recreate the orgasm scene??? Haha! And i left the latest copy of Vogue at home for this...!It was very funny to see people compete the more and more drunk they got! I was forced to keep my phone in my bag all night to refrain from googling the answers...i felt like a small part of me was missing for those few hours! It was exceptionally good to be reunited with my lifeline and my bible on return home...

Ahhhhh perfect!!!Xxx

Sunday, 8 May 2011

A Moment, A Love, A Dream, A Laugh...

This song still remains one of my all time favourites.
It was my song of Summer 2010.
The hot days, roof down, Sweet Disposition blasting through the speakers. And a massive smile on my face...driving to my perfect place...



Let's Have A Ball...

Who Wore What At The Met Ball 2011...

Alexa Chung in Christopher Kane AW11. This girl is the epitomy of cool, she would look good in a black bin liner! Love, Love, LOVE her!!!!!

Gisele in Alexander McQueen...this needs no introduction! One supermodel dressed in one super designers gown! Have you ever seen anyone or anything as beautiful as this??! WOW! Totally jealous!

Jessica Alba in Ralph Lauren and Kate Hudson in Stella McCartney. Even the 'Momma-to-be' celebs still look effortlessly beautiful!

Sarah Jessica Parker in McQueen...B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!

The celebs were out in full force to honour the late McQueen at the Metroploitan Insitute of Art. The dresses were nothing short of amazing, Florence Welch looked stunning in a white floor length YSL gown, perfect colour to match her fiery red hair. Naomi Campbell far from blended in donning one of the Queen's creations!


However, amongst these are always going to be some serious let downs! In particular, one of my all time favourites, Kirsten Dunst (i like to think of her as the America's answer to Alexa!) She has that get up and go look about her, like she can throw anything on and still look cool! This, however, is far from cool!!!!!

Chanel AW11 Collection. Sorry Kirsten, i am a massive fan of yours and of Chanel, but this just hasnt done it for me! Completely outshined by the likes of the above and even Claire Danes who totally rocked it in Calvin Klein

Pure feminie chic!

Overall, a sizzling array of feathers, glitz, glitter, diamonds and sex appeal! Check out Vogue.com for a full rundown of the event. It WILL NOT disappoint!!!Xxx

17 Again...

Hungover. Agitated. In need of a distraction.
These days are never fun and i feel i will never learn. I seem to think that i am still 21, needless to say that i am not. Yes, i am now nearing the wrong side of 30. An age i am lead to believe will be life changing, the best years of your life apparently!! I fear that this is a big fat lie. Not that my twenties have been amazing, no, no, no!
I admit it is nice to finally have a direction in life, to finally be on the right path to...well, somewhere! You seem to spend years wishing your life away, willing time to come when you can do as you please, go out til all hours and drink until you can no longer stand! Then when it arrives you realise that it is majorly overrated. Don't get me wrong, it is rather delightful (at the time!) to go out, let your hair down, paint the town red as they say, to forget your woes and be someone else for a wee while! But why is it that when you wake up in the morning the problems seem ten times worse!!! This is what makes me realise that i will never learn! I think i shall invest in a punch bag, vent some anger, let out some rage! Keep me fit and free from tension at the same time! Awesome!
Its sad to say that tomorrow morning when i awaken feeling refreshed and revitalised these thoughts will have left me completely and i will be preparing for the pub quiz that very night and then yet another leaving do the same week! I think my recent promotion has worked wondrously having said this. It is a most welcome distraction and takes me off home at a reasonable hour when working the next day! Aww, see i am all grown up! (I can almost hear my mum saying 'ahh if only this were true')

Maybe one day i shall settle down and exchange my nigts out for a night with a dvd infront of the box...hmmm or maybe not! Until this happens i shall spend my Sundays trawling the internet, reading and re-reading Vogue (I totally, totally heart Alexa Chung!!!), drinking tea, watching True Movie channel and ranting on here, to you, my dear, dear blog!
Growing up is for grown ups, i shall remain 17 forever...


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Alors On Danse...

It maybe somewhat of an oldie now, but this has got to be my song of the Summer...



The Sun Is Shining...

The sun is shining, the summer clothes are out, possibly too much flesh is being shown in some parts (typical Leeds...a bit of sun and people dress for hitting the beach!!) sunglasses are out in full force and the beer gardens are full to the brim! And me meanwhile, is spending every minute of the sun in a store with rising temperatures in a vomit inducing way!! NICE!!!!! However, i intend to make the most of the weather changing despite the fact that i barely get to enjoy it. I could put a hefty bet on it torrential raining tomorrow and Monday...my days off of course!

The dewy look is almost definitely the way to be seen for these sun filled days! Barely there nude foundation, just to cover those god forsaken blemishes that this dry weather also brings out! A tiny bit of mascara on the upper lashes, maybe a pearlised highlighter for the inner corners of the eyes. And neon lips! The only way to go! Bright pink, bright orange, reds...ahhh whatever tickles your fancy really! The most perfect tones i have found is Barry M's number 62 £4.99, Fully Fuschia by Mac £13.50 and Max Factor's Intensely Red £7.50. Be sure to line the lips first to avoid any bleeding into the lips! And apply the lipstick with a brush, this makes it easier to build up a clog-free perfect pout!!!
Turquoise eyes are also big for this season, i happen to be a massive fan of Urban Decays glitter infused eyeshadows, just always remember to apply primer first so that it stays on your eyelids and doesnt fall off down your cheeks! Eyebrows are best brushed with an eyebrow gel or indeed vaseline if you have some to hand! Use a fine pencil to fill in any gaps, i have got pluck happy on too many occasion now. A simple brushing over will soon sort that out!

And you are good to go! Be it shopping through the day or out for a party night with your bezzies. The au natural look and a perfect neon pout is sure to draw in any man!!Xxx

Gucci SS11

Fully Fuschia by Mac £13.50

YSL Eyeshadow Palette

Orange Lips SS11 (Revlon and Rimmel have the most perfect colours on offer!!!)

Urban Decays Colour Palette!


Friday, 6 May 2011

Pure Heaven...

Need, need, need, need, NEED!!!!!Xxx

Aurélie Bidermann
Camden XL 18-karat gold-plated studded leather cuff

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hello, Goodbye...

Hello...I feel my dear blog has been neglected of late! What with new job and this coinciding with lots and lots of new job celebrations, i have been so so very busy. Obviously i have also shopped aswell as partied and been extrememly sensible some of these nights enjoying alcohol free ones. My hangovers these days are far from pleasant, and as i am meant to be 'Leading by example' hangovers and breathing alcohol on my staff are strictly forbidden for the forseeable future...(a law i have imposed on myself and one that was working very well until the invitation of a night out tonight...ooops! However, i must not fail, I MUST NOT FAIL!!!!!)
Recent purchases have also proved popular, i gave myself a large pat on the back as a result!

Zara £29.99. Very Jil Sander (hence the rushing back into town at half four on a Sunday to purchase for an impromptu night out that very night!!! Gotta love a bit of panic buying!)

Topshop £26 Thge current love of my life. Especially when worn with my vintage leather skirt...mmmmm!)

I could write where these are from...however, i have a rep to keep up and so i am afraid i am not at liberty to divulge such information! I can tell you the price, these little beauties retail at £24.99. Mine arent actually patent though, i went for faux suede...very chic!

I wish i had more time to ramble on to you all, as this is something that i am very good at...i am sure you can tell this already! However, nails need painting and hair needs straightening. Obviously the outfit was sorted some hours ago now...well i wouldnt be me if i hadnt done that already!!

Fear not, i shall be back soon with more news hot from the streets of Leeds (or not, as the case maybe) arghhhh i need to get me back to London where the fashion just speaks for itself and the conformists are nowhere to be seen! Ahh London, my second home! How i miss thee!
And on that note, i bid you farwell...