Sunday, 8 May 2011

17 Again...

Hungover. Agitated. In need of a distraction.
These days are never fun and i feel i will never learn. I seem to think that i am still 21, needless to say that i am not. Yes, i am now nearing the wrong side of 30. An age i am lead to believe will be life changing, the best years of your life apparently!! I fear that this is a big fat lie. Not that my twenties have been amazing, no, no, no!
I admit it is nice to finally have a direction in life, to finally be on the right path to...well, somewhere! You seem to spend years wishing your life away, willing time to come when you can do as you please, go out til all hours and drink until you can no longer stand! Then when it arrives you realise that it is majorly overrated. Don't get me wrong, it is rather delightful (at the time!) to go out, let your hair down, paint the town red as they say, to forget your woes and be someone else for a wee while! But why is it that when you wake up in the morning the problems seem ten times worse!!! This is what makes me realise that i will never learn! I think i shall invest in a punch bag, vent some anger, let out some rage! Keep me fit and free from tension at the same time! Awesome!
Its sad to say that tomorrow morning when i awaken feeling refreshed and revitalised these thoughts will have left me completely and i will be preparing for the pub quiz that very night and then yet another leaving do the same week! I think my recent promotion has worked wondrously having said this. It is a most welcome distraction and takes me off home at a reasonable hour when working the next day! Aww, see i am all grown up! (I can almost hear my mum saying 'ahh if only this were true')

Maybe one day i shall settle down and exchange my nigts out for a night with a dvd infront of the box...hmmm or maybe not! Until this happens i shall spend my Sundays trawling the internet, reading and re-reading Vogue (I totally, totally heart Alexa Chung!!!), drinking tea, watching True Movie channel and ranting on here, to you, my dear, dear blog!
Growing up is for grown ups, i shall remain 17 forever...


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