Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Call On Me...

What does one wear to the gym these days?! Is it totally unacceptable to wear a full face of make-up?? Or indeed a shirt and bow tie?! This is my signature style of late so am completely unprepared for what we term as 'casual dress' the only dress down i do is any form of nightwear! And this is not a look i am a fan of!! Thank god night times are only for the eyes of myself and Mummy Carole (who actually has no choice in seeing me scantily clad for the intended hour!!) Make up off and leopard print dressing gown is not ideal attire, or so i've heard! Now i am lead to believe that most people will don anything for the gym! Who cares, all you're doing is getting hot and sweaty anyway! Hair will frizz, any amount of make up will melt off and apparently stocking inspired tights will be frowned upon! Well thats just great isnt it??! Maybe its time for me to bust some lycra, maybe the ones with the neon stripes down the side...orrrr perhaps the little running shorts that go right up on the outer thigh! Mmmmm beautiful! I think i may dress like im on the old Eric Prydz video, sweat bands, neon (almost on trend with the block colour!!) thong leotards...mmmmm i will be the belle of the gym, or rather the laughing stock!!!!! You understand that this is all for jest, i obviously will not be wearing lycra (totally not becoming!) or indeed neon (it simply does nothing for my skintone!) I think its time for me to embrace the au naturelle look, take off the make up and throw on some...erm...slacks?? I know not what this means to be fair, but i'm pretty sure i will find my style for the gymnasium! Can i still wear wedges though??!!!


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