Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Fashion Fix...

I am not used to so many nights out. My wardrobe is not as updated as it should be for this sudden splurge of funtimes! I love the fact that i had some mix of Carrie Bradshaw crossed with Alexa today though...

...this was the look i rocked, a little tutu number teamed with black tights, tassel brogues and a leather biker and clutch...perfect for a days work followed by wines with the besties!
However, this becomes difficult when out tomorrow night also, methinks i need to plan the outfit now! I need inspiration, where to turn?? More Sex and the City?? The Only Way Is Essex?? Hahahahahah i think that we all know the answer to that. Imagine!!!!! I am thinking that tomorrow needs to bring lots of colour, brighten up the sadness that the day is set to bring.

Yes, yes i have these little beauties (more so the ones on the right i believe!) whether or not i look as amazing in them as she does remains to be seen...i'm thinking perhaps not!! Maybe paired up with my black see-through shirt??? Ahhh how heartless of my preparing an outfit to bid farewell to my Shelley-Babes...but you never know where you may end up!!!!!Xxx

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