Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hello, Goodbye...

Hello...I feel my dear blog has been neglected of late! What with new job and this coinciding with lots and lots of new job celebrations, i have been so so very busy. Obviously i have also shopped aswell as partied and been extrememly sensible some of these nights enjoying alcohol free ones. My hangovers these days are far from pleasant, and as i am meant to be 'Leading by example' hangovers and breathing alcohol on my staff are strictly forbidden for the forseeable future...(a law i have imposed on myself and one that was working very well until the invitation of a night out tonight...ooops! However, i must not fail, I MUST NOT FAIL!!!!!)
Recent purchases have also proved popular, i gave myself a large pat on the back as a result!

Zara £29.99. Very Jil Sander (hence the rushing back into town at half four on a Sunday to purchase for an impromptu night out that very night!!! Gotta love a bit of panic buying!)

Topshop £26 Thge current love of my life. Especially when worn with my vintage leather skirt...mmmmm!)

I could write where these are from...however, i have a rep to keep up and so i am afraid i am not at liberty to divulge such information! I can tell you the price, these little beauties retail at £24.99. Mine arent actually patent though, i went for faux suede...very chic!

I wish i had more time to ramble on to you all, as this is something that i am very good at...i am sure you can tell this already! However, nails need painting and hair needs straightening. Obviously the outfit was sorted some hours ago now...well i wouldnt be me if i hadnt done that already!!

Fear not, i shall be back soon with more news hot from the streets of Leeds (or not, as the case maybe) arghhhh i need to get me back to London where the fashion just speaks for itself and the conformists are nowhere to be seen! Ahh London, my second home! How i miss thee!
And on that note, i bid you farwell...

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