Saturday, 21 May 2011

It Will Be All White On The Night...

Only a few more weeks to go until the first wedding of the year and still no dress!!!!! This isnt boding well with me! My perfect one sadly got sold at work, i had to watch as it disappeared from my life forever. Although i do believe it has gone to a good home i also feel that i shall never meet another quite so beautiful. And believe me i have looked. Shops, internet, even resorted to ebay...i think this just wasnt meant to be! Que sera sera and and all that, i am determined to find another. Perhaps its a good thing that i havent found one as if i had to look at the same one for too long i'd probably get bored anyway. I know what i'm like, nothing lasts too long for this girl before utter boredom sets in. Only the truly perfect will last!!!

There are just simply too many to choose from!!! The last being my most favourite by far! It is also available in white, but i can hardly turn up to a wedding in a long white dress now...can i??!!!Xxx

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