Friday, 27 May 2011

Kors I Shall Go To The Ball...

Once again you have been neglected. My sincere apologies. I have become my job of late, so a glass of wine after hours has most definitely been needed!!! A busy old week consisiting of days off, days in, late nights, trips to the hair dressers and hearing amazingly, amazing good news! Ahh, all in all a great weeks work. And its not over yet!
Still on the look out for that perfect dress (Christ, anyone would think that i'm the bride!!) and still non the wiser of where i am going to find it! I think its going to be somewhat of a panic buy if my shopping trip out-of-town doesnt bring me any luck. However, i do feel as though my luck is changing (i will tell all at a later date...) so who knows maybe that dress is just hanging on a rail waiting for just me to find her (its blatantly gonna be a girl!!!)
I am keeping everything crossed for our new brand to introduce a perfecto dress for me, Michael by Micheal Kors WILL pull through, i am just sure of it! Trouble is its AW11 (yes thats right i could be wearing next season before we even get to it eeeeek! Excited!) so at the moment its all black!!! Now, if we follow tradition black is not to be worn for the exchanging of vows, brings bad luck apparently. And i fear my best friend would never forgive me should i bring doom as my guest!

Admittedly, the top one is more one for office yes?? And only retailing at £120, well, this will be bought regardless.
The black dropped-back one is perfect for the Summer sun (i feel this must not be for the Fall season. Jersey fabric is not one to be worn in icy conditions!)
The fuschia is just ideal for every summer occasion, BBQs, nuptials, birthdays...oooh just everything and again its a mere £130. Oooh a total bargain!

And this little beauty, well what can i say that you can't already see form the picture. Its beuaty personified (obviously the hot model wearing it helps!) i daren't even look at the price for fear of my eyes actually popping out of my head. A girl can always dream and i most certainly will be dreaming of this!!!Xxx

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