Sunday, 29 May 2011

Lucy In Disguise...

Too much to look forward to this coming week! Aside from the heavy 10-10 shift (urghhh!) i have the arrival of a new phone, (this is sure to fill a few days until the novelty wears off!) and then a visit off the bestest direct from Le Capitale! Obviously this coincides nicely with a jolly old weekend off and payday, YESSS!! A day that will most definitely be the best day of the month!!!!!
Speaking of the bezzie. She reminded me about the unveiling of Lily Allen's new label 'Lucy In Disguise' that took place in Knightsbride. Lily herself was actually there with other celebrities in tow. My head nearly exploded with envy when she told me she saw Grimmy, i reckon i would have proposed to him there and then...or just stood there staring with dropped jaw!!! Lord above, this is why i should live in London. I am keeping all things crossed for him coming to the Leeds store, i think the chances are slim but i will live in hope! Rumour has it he is currently dating Ellie Goulding anyway...meh, i can overcome these small obstacles!
My excitement levels are rocketing as we speak. Having a celebrity in store most certainly makes the day all the more interesting. And i cant wait to see the collection i reckon it could be right up my street! Bye bye uniform allowance!!!

Lucy In Disguise is the work of Lily Allen and her sister Sarah Owen. Anyone can see her love for fashion and especially vintage fashion (like music to my ears!) Their aim is to make vintage style attainable, together they have made a collection that is both stylish and affordable! All words i am immensely fond of! Their world brings you charlston style dresses form the 20s, 1940s tea dresses, Studio 54 numbers from the Swinging Sixties and all the glitz and glamour form the disco inspired 70s and 80s. Whatever you want you will be sure to find all under their little roof!

'Lucy In Disguise – the modern girl’s way to do vintage.'

Their stand alone store on King Street, Covent Garden, London Town!!

Just a few pics that featured in Junes edition of Elle!

Lucy In Disguise already has a celeb cult following with the likes of Sophie Ellis Bextor, Charlotte Dellal, Jamie Winstone and Jade Williams donning some of these amazing pieces. Oooh i cant wait to pick out my new buys!!!!! If you want to see more of what she has to offer get on thier blog or visit! Neither will disappoint!!!Xxx

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