Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Rambling Of Sorts...

Ahhh 10-10, Good Morning long shift! How i long to see the back of you, not because i hate working these no, no, no! As a very large glass of wine after hours soon lifts the spirits! But i can see the masses of people descending on the escalator, eager to grab anything and everything in sight. Oh what it must be like to have more money than sense. However having said this, today is the long awaited pay day so i too will be acting like i am a Queen for at least a week!
New clothes are a must, i am already tired of the collection i bought only a mere four weeks ago! I do try to tell people that i bore easily, maybe now they will actually see this! I know not what it is i need to hold my attention for any length of time, be it men, food, clothes, cars, phones...after a few weeks i long for newness, excitement! My mum does hope that one day i will just settle and realise that life isnt a fairytale, of course i know that i'm not a Disney Princess (probably Belle if i could choose...oooh did i really just admit to that??!) but life is constantly evolving and changing and if you dont change with it then its simple to say that you're just standing still. Stagnant. Dont get me wrong i can be constant with things if needs be, my job is one thing that keeps me going and perhaps looking at the endless changes in fashion keeps me on the go in all aspects of my life. I change with the season and style also! Ahhh how i do enjoy a morning rant to myself, i feel i can now comfortably enjoy my verrrrry long day! 10-10, i shall see you on the other side!!!Xxx

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