Sunday, 15 May 2011

Season Perfection...

Early mornings. Late nights. Sixth day in a row...and still going strong. Yes. There is no stopping me these days. Obviously i am looking forward to my day off but i will sadly admit that my new job has become my life. It marks a new chapter and i couldn't be happier. Aaaaand, i havent shopped for about two weeks (firstly, roll on payday!) this means that i will have a major blow out in the coming weeks! I am sure my wardrobe is shrinking, or maybe i am just bored of everything in it. I need new things to look at, be proud of, the new season needs to emerge in all its glory! As much as i am loving the block colour (and yes my orange trousers went down an absolute treat...and also grew two sizes over the course of the day and night!!! Don't you just hate it when that happens??!) the shops seem to have gone block colour overkill. If you're not on the look out for bright orange, cobalt blue or cerise pink you can only chooose form jersey vests, white lace or beige. And with my skintone, well, beige makes me look like i am walking along naked!!!!! Never a good look for anyone! No, i want some of thisssss...

From high-wasits to dropped waists! Fur, leather, fringing galore! The calf length pencil will rock and i am going back to my roots with the monochrome! Greys and pastels, mink to sheer! Ahhhhh i am so excited. Admittedly not so much for the weather this season brings with it, but look at what we can invest in! That more than makes up for the rain and wind inspired hairstyles we have to endure for months at a time.
Yes indeed, the coming months couldnt be better. A long hot summer (or short and rainy as i seem to forget that we are in England and not some sunnier clime) out with the girlies donning the brights, birthdays, holidays, weddings...too much to look forward to!

Roll on payday and roll on AW11 wishlist has just rocketed!!!Xxx

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