Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Sun Is Shining...

The sun is shining, the summer clothes are out, possibly too much flesh is being shown in some parts (typical Leeds...a bit of sun and people dress for hitting the beach!!) sunglasses are out in full force and the beer gardens are full to the brim! And me meanwhile, is spending every minute of the sun in a store with rising temperatures in a vomit inducing way!! NICE!!!!! However, i intend to make the most of the weather changing despite the fact that i barely get to enjoy it. I could put a hefty bet on it torrential raining tomorrow and days off of course!

The dewy look is almost definitely the way to be seen for these sun filled days! Barely there nude foundation, just to cover those god forsaken blemishes that this dry weather also brings out! A tiny bit of mascara on the upper lashes, maybe a pearlised highlighter for the inner corners of the eyes. And neon lips! The only way to go! Bright pink, bright orange, reds...ahhh whatever tickles your fancy really! The most perfect tones i have found is Barry M's number 62 £4.99, Fully Fuschia by Mac £13.50 and Max Factor's Intensely Red £7.50. Be sure to line the lips first to avoid any bleeding into the lips! And apply the lipstick with a brush, this makes it easier to build up a clog-free perfect pout!!!
Turquoise eyes are also big for this season, i happen to be a massive fan of Urban Decays glitter infused eyeshadows, just always remember to apply primer first so that it stays on your eyelids and doesnt fall off down your cheeks! Eyebrows are best brushed with an eyebrow gel or indeed vaseline if you have some to hand! Use a fine pencil to fill in any gaps, i have got pluck happy on too many occasion now. A simple brushing over will soon sort that out!

And you are good to go! Be it shopping through the day or out for a party night with your bezzies. The au natural look and a perfect neon pout is sure to draw in any man!!Xxx

Gucci SS11

Fully Fuschia by Mac £13.50

YSL Eyeshadow Palette

Orange Lips SS11 (Revlon and Rimmel have the most perfect colours on offer!!!)

Urban Decays Colour Palette!


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