Monday, 16 May 2011

Off On A Tattoo Tangent...

So much to do and so little time to do it! Evenings out a-calling and long working days ahead...ah a girls work is never done. Thank goodness for a quiet weekend and a day off wandering the streets of York (purchashing new shoes along the way and fingers crossed, a new phone eeeeek!) the calm before the storm no doubt! What with social events and work, well i simply needed this relaxation time.
So, inbetween visiting blog after blog,, net-a-porter, (well, i could go on but i think you get my drift!) i stumbled across pictures, drawings, sketches, inspiration for...hmmmmm, how shall i put it?? new body adornments??! Maybe i should be a tad more specific, instead of saying stumbled i will admit and say purposely visited sites to give me inspiration for a new tattoo! Yesssss! Ahhhhh i feel so much better for getting it off my chest. It has indeed been some months since hearing the rattle of the machine, the smell of the disinfectant, the delightfulness of walking out with clingfilm wrapped around a body part (not so pleasant as it happens, makes you feel like cooked meat!!!) So i think its time to add more to my collection. I feel this may come as a surprise to those of you who dont know me, so just incase you are one of the minority...i have a long-standing love affair with tattoos, much to my Mother's dismay may i add. I have a fair few to say the least, the most recent being another nephews initial (very small so simply didnt satisfy enough!) My sisters need to go easy on the baby making front though as soon i will just look like a walking alphabet!!!!! I am just at the start of my search and have so many ideas flashing through my mind...who knows what will end up being pride of place on my ribs! Oooooh exciting times...

...I think i may have just found a winner! Thank you muchly Kat Von D!!!Xxx

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