Monday, 27 June 2011

Just Like Starting Over...

And so a new week begins, and in the aftermath of a pretty stressful one...well, this one can only get better. Not only does the start of this coming weekend coincide with payday, but also days off and birthday celebrations. No, no not mine unfortunately, my 28th shall be marked with something other than a night out down Call just simply has to.
Monday mornings are normally far from joyful, especially when the day actually began at 4!!! This heat maybe be amazing should you be out in it, however when stuck in a place with zero air conditioning it is far from pleasant! What i wouldnt give to be laid on a beach, listening to the waves rolling in and out. This sure would sure cure my Monday morning blues.
Although, i feel that this day my mood has changed somewhat! Having enjoyed a quiet (sober) Sunday evening, without sounding cheesy, it gave me time for reflection. Time to think about not just what im going to buy when my back account is brimming with money, yayyyyy! (Just to reiterate, im not always that superficial!) But also realise things i blatantly should have realised a hell of a long time ago. People will always want to have an effect on you, and for some unknown reason it will always be a bad one! I suppose it's all down to how you pick yourself up, brush yourself down and realise that some people really aren't worth any amount of pain or heartache...especially the fourth time over!
Starting over is a scary thought, however one that most certainly excites me. No one ever knows whats around the next corner and no one knows what is set out for you! Move over my 'supposed' Prince's time to make way for my Knight in Shining Armour!
So, here lays different paths...and heres to the chosen one!! (And to dating, parties, coming of age and much, much more!!! Ahhhhh, Monday, Monday...)!!!Xxx

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Versace's The Word...

Like music to my ears! Versace for H&M.
The fashion house is the the next in a long line to team up with the Swedish brand. Donatella recently told Vogue 'It will be quintessential Versace, perfect for H&M and Versace fans everywhere'.
I think this comes as a bit of a shock as in 2008 Versace made a statement claiming that a high street diffusion line wasn't the Versace way. "I respect everyone who does it. But the reason I didn't do it is because I work very hard to put the Versace line in the luxury section. I think to put the Versace line in H&M would confuse the brand," she told New York Magazine. However, rather than 'diffusion', this line is being sold as an 'Iconic Collection'.
Pretty sure they're hoping it will be another sell out for H&M just like Alber Elbaz' collection for Lanvin was last year. It sold out in a matter of minutes, with some then selling for an even greater price on eBay.
Fingers crossed Donatella and roll on November 17th!!!Xxx

Expect studded leather and colourful prints for the girls; sharp tailoring and plenty of bling for the boys! Can't wait already!x

Friday, 24 June 2011

Here Comes The Sun...

I hear the weather may finally be breaking. Although i will guarantee that on the hottest day i will yet again be working. This is probably a good thing as its always awkward when you get a bit of tan, serve a customer and they look shocked when you open your mouth to speak as they think you're going to be Spanish...nahh mate, full on Yorkshire through and through me!!!

I am holding out for next weekend though when i get to enjoy four, possibly five glorious days off! Bliss! And not only that, i am getting to spend two of these days in the birth place of The Beatles...yesssss! I am far too excited to be perfectly honest! Liverpool with my very own guided tour! And this coincides nicely with payday. So new ink, new places and new clothes (finally!!!) are calling. Fantastic! A little pick-me-up is just what i need.

And again...just for good measure!!!

Roll on the next week of work!!! Liverpool is waiting xxx

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Happy 100th...

All hail my 100th post! 'Tis a day for celebrations. Although in my world any day is perfect for celebratory drinkies! However, i shall be filling up on lemonade. Myself and alcohol had a nasty fall-out and i fear i may stand my ground for sometime. Stubborn. Like the man. (Did i really say that?? Oh well!)

I have been trying to think what i could possibly post to set me up for this wondrous day. Has to beat the last post of men parading dwon the runway rather scantily clad! I mean come on it has alllll been about women, i simply had to give something for the women to look at! Fair's fair and all that!!!

However, not being a massive fan of the chiseled man...admittedly good to look at from time to time! I am going to back to my roots...right in the heart of fashion. Ahhh perfect! The fashion world is rather like its hero, New York. It simply never sleeps. I love that the fashion weeks are now neverending, be it the showcasing of SS12 collections or the Graduate Fashion Weeks, the Fashionistas are out in full force somewhere in the world.

My newest love is for Celine. Oh ever since i held my first Celine bag, this was a most perfect relationship. Oh yes! The new collection is just as simple. Perfectly chic and equally outlandish. Phoebe Philo never disappoints!

From the brights to the nudes, the gold lame and the sheer fabrics. Perfectly fitting for the coming season. Celine has won my heart all over again!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

DSqaured...And Perfectly Chiseled...

This picture more than speaks for itself. However, i feel i should add some text, so as to not make me look completely superficial and also due to the fact that fashion is what we are here for...! But seriously WOW!!!!! I just spat my mouth full of tea out at this! Little Charlie was far from impressed.

(To be honest i think i could write anything now as i think we all know what is being looked at!! Yes purrrleaseeeee!)

DSquared2 SS12.

Designers Dean and Dan Caten were inspired by a plethora of things for their SS12 collection. The American tourist abroad being the centre of this. Taking travel into account the collection is a mixture of hiking boots and long trenches, slim fitting trousers and blazers and my favourite...teeny tiny trunks and briefs (SWOON!!!) finally landing in punk-era London.

Just a little something for the ladies!!!Xxx

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ever-Changing, Ever-Growing...

Love a bit of reminiscing...what was i thinking with some looks im not quite sure! But 'tis clear to see that fashion is in my blood!!!!!Xxx

Ahh its nice to see that i have come out of the other side unscated and intact!!!Xxx

"Oh, do you feel the breeze from the subway?..."

The most glamorous screen actress of any time!
Oozing sex appeal.
She defined an era and inspired millions.

(Its little wonder this little beaut has just sold for a mind blowing $4.6 million! Especially when it was originally bought for a mere £123!!!!!)

Some most definitely like it HOTTTTT!

Marilyn Monroe in the infamous white dress.
("The Seven Year Itch" September 9, 1954 photo)


Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Devil Wears Louboutin...

Busy. Busy. Busy!!! Far too busy to find a time in the day for talking about my one true! Late nights, new dog, booking of the next has been one hell of a week! I dont think i have ever been so excited for bedtime.
Sale time normally means lots of new purchases. And i have to say, i have been very restrained this time! I never knew that i had so much will power. I have even impressed myself. However, i have picked out two items that would seriously enhance my life beyond all expectations! I mean come on i could wear the boots whilst walking Charlie and the jacket would set my new tattoo off to an absolute T!!! Ahhh yes i will find a way to get these things in my life. One way or another i will be strutting around in these little beauties. I care not that they are the previous seasons, no, no, no. These i would wear everyday. Every single day! I will own them. Even if i have to sell my soul to the devil!!!Xxx

Malene Birger leather studded waistcoat. Fitness!

Sex, sex, SEX...through and through! You will be mine!!!Xxx

(Pic of Charlie coming soon!!!!!)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Oi Oi Sailor...

And so i finally have the picture.
The picture of little glorious old me swanning around in one of Miss. Allens, or is that Mrs Cooper?? creations!

Oh if only i looked as hot as the model who was in it first! Ah well, i tried my best to do Lily justice!!!Xxx

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Its's Groundhog Day...

Ahh and so it all begins again. Good Morning 10-10 shift. It's almost like Groundhog Day, i have to admit spending the day with Bill Murray may make this day go a whole lot quicker. Oh and joy of joys it looks as though its going to be a lovely high temperature outside which means we shall be melting indoors. Bye bye lovely make up, for today you shall be slipping down my face!!!
And speaking of make up, i have never realised how good Benefits high Beam is. Wow, i feel like one of the Owls i photogaphed in York yesterday!(No i'm not a bird watcher, one tiny owl actually resembled my gorgeous nephew!!!) Eyes galore (which is never a bad thing) and of course i am still donning the infamous black flicks. I have to say i think i would rather leave the house without clothes than without my eyes on!!! Its just simply not a good look!
The start of sale marks a change in customer. They almost turn into vultures. It makes me pleased we have cash desks to hide behind, at times you fear they may turn on anyone just because you dont have the right size in 'theee perfect dress darling!' It reminds me of those scenes in Mean Girls when she pictures all the girls fighting like animals in the jungle. Vultures they are, absolute evil i tell you! (Maybe i exaggerate slightly, but you have to see it for yourself!)
I think i weirdly get a kick out of all these long hours. There is something pretty satisfying planning and organising things and then watching it all pay off. I mean, not many people go into work on their days off at six of the clock to help prepare...or indeed be told they can finish at four on a Saturday afternoon and willingly, yes thats right willingly stay until 6!!!!! But, hey, i dont mind admitting to being obsessed with my job. We've been here before, obsessions and admittance are all healthy in the long run right??!!!
Moving swiftly on!!! Sales are good for one thing at least, the introduction to the AW collection. How we do tire of looking at the same clothes day in day out! We all get a little too excited at the sight of newness, even if they are heavy winter coats. Means we get to plan out wardrobes in advance. Although, i havent even put a bikini on yet and i am already thinking what colour jacket i shall purchase for the winter period. Bad times!!

But heres a little bit of what we can be expecting!!!

Burberry Brit AW11

Diane Von Furstenberg AW11!

Michael Kors.

Loving the darker more sulty tones, deep reds and burgundys in particular. Many of the fashion houses have competely toned down from this seasons bright block colours. Their is a definite use of fur on coats, jackets, stoles (mmm, my fave!!!) An amalgamation of many fabrics, an explosion of monochromes and colour. Yes, this coming season is definitely worth this nightmare week of customers, come animals, come pure evilness.

Wish me luck and i shall be seeing you on the other side!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

It's A New Generation Calling...

So the best friend pays a visit from the capital and my mind starts doing over time!!! What is it about that place that seems to suck everyone in??! I happen to be long overdue a trip down South myself but i fear i may not want to return. Dont get me wrong, i know only too well that three days as a guest of the city is a far cry from the reality of making it permanent. The constant tube travelling (no pun intended!) the lack of rural getaways, not knowing faces in the local watering holes. Oh i know this would be the least of my worries to a certain extent, but if we admit it, popularity never strays that far from anyones mind! I completely 100% blame Miss. Lees for this. I plod along in my own rather happy-go-lucky existence for months and then she returns and throws this into complete disarray! I shall be having words next time we speak, do not worry about that! Oh no, she has alot to answer for. And so does London while we're at it.
It needs to stop throwing up all these images of grandeur, of fashion shows, of that typically cool London style. I am never far from the internet and am normally perusing some fashion based website...The Sartorialist, Face Hunter, LFW or some other equally addictive site like Facebook or Twitter. At this very moment i am on LFW looking at the NEWGEN winners, the images are amazing and my feet are itching. Arrrghhhhhh. Calm down Lucy, calm down!!!!!

Image: Backstage at Michael van der Ham, David Koma, Holly Fulton, Christopher Raeburn, Louise Gray autumn/winter 2011 at London Fashion Week February 2011.

Methinks the city in question will be receiving an impromptu visit from yours truly...and another almost definitely in September. Holiday request better watch out!!!Xxx

Treasure Chest...

Yes i was indeed parading around my shop floor in this yesterday! I should have possibly tried to catch Lily's eye however i remained aloof, played it cool like any good woman a result i went unnoticed. NOT something i am a fan of i have to say! Some may say i like to be centre of attention...i would rather call it not wanting to ba a mere wall flower! And there was no way i was one of those, in this, YESSSSS!

The rest of the collection is a mixture of beaded Capone style flapper dresses, green Charlston numbers, a jumpsuit reminiscent of the Studio 54 era and Radio City style maxis.

The collection, aptly named Treasure Chest, was unveiled in our store yesterday and there was alot of hype! We had props, drinks, nibbles, press, cameras...oooh it was like being the centre of a small scale fashion week. Especially when the camera was pointed in my direction...i was like a model for a few seconds! Perfect! Lily was looking as pretty as ever in the Jitterbug prom dress, ideal for any night out dancing. Her super gorgeous sister Sarah Owen was ripping it up in the red jumpsuit. A-MAYYY-ZING is all i have to say! Stunning.

Check out their amazing blog for the latest pieces and goings on in Lucy's world. Pop along to their shop in Covent Garden and live a full vintage life, get a blow-dry, back comb your way into a beehive...step back in time with Lucy In Disguise!!!Xxx

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Mr Saxobeat...

Song of the day...actually, song of the week!!


Monday, 6 June 2011

All About The Gaga...

So, i think i have a small crush on Lady Gaga...and can you blame me??! Her new album is nothing short of amazing! I will never tire of it and i listen to it everyday, twice a day! YESSSSS! I think i am actually in love with her! And yes, i know i say this a lot, Rhianna, Giselle, Alexa...but this is true love! And true love lasts a life time...or so i am lead to believe! Honestly though, she is superbly fabulous. She makes me think of Madonna from way back when, a showgirl, alternative, eccentric and mouthy (hmmm, sounds like someone else i know!!!) yet right on the mark at the same time. She doesnt just stand on a stage singing song after song...or rather she does but she entertains. The clothes, the way she moves...oh god i am getting hot at the thought!

I mean just look at her! She does have some serious style. She maybe slightly outspoken at times but i have to say this quote makes mucho sense..."Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore." Too true Gaga!

Wow wow wow!! This girl is pure unadulterated sex.
People will mock but...she who dares eh??!!!Xxx

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Franabelles Very Sober Visit...

Weekend off, shopping, dancing, catching up with old friends and a visit from the bez straight from London town...ahhhhh now back to reality...

... just perfect!!!Xxx

Thursday, 2 June 2011

We Can Work It Out...

Sent to me after a long long week that almost seems never-ending... very very perfect!!Xxx