Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Devil Wears Louboutin...

Busy. Busy. Busy!!! Far too busy to find a time in the day for talking about my one true! Late nights, new dog, booking of the next has been one hell of a week! I dont think i have ever been so excited for bedtime.
Sale time normally means lots of new purchases. And i have to say, i have been very restrained this time! I never knew that i had so much will power. I have even impressed myself. However, i have picked out two items that would seriously enhance my life beyond all expectations! I mean come on i could wear the boots whilst walking Charlie and the jacket would set my new tattoo off to an absolute T!!! Ahhh yes i will find a way to get these things in my life. One way or another i will be strutting around in these little beauties. I care not that they are the previous seasons, no, no, no. These i would wear everyday. Every single day! I will own them. Even if i have to sell my soul to the devil!!!Xxx

Malene Birger leather studded waistcoat. Fitness!

Sex, sex, SEX...through and through! You will be mine!!!Xxx

(Pic of Charlie coming soon!!!!!)

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