Friday, 24 June 2011

Here Comes The Sun...

I hear the weather may finally be breaking. Although i will guarantee that on the hottest day i will yet again be working. This is probably a good thing as its always awkward when you get a bit of tan, serve a customer and they look shocked when you open your mouth to speak as they think you're going to be Spanish...nahh mate, full on Yorkshire through and through me!!!

I am holding out for next weekend though when i get to enjoy four, possibly five glorious days off! Bliss! And not only that, i am getting to spend two of these days in the birth place of The Beatles...yesssss! I am far too excited to be perfectly honest! Liverpool with my very own guided tour! And this coincides nicely with payday. So new ink, new places and new clothes (finally!!!) are calling. Fantastic! A little pick-me-up is just what i need.

And again...just for good measure!!!

Roll on the next week of work!!! Liverpool is waiting xxx

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