Wednesday, 8 June 2011

It's A New Generation Calling...

So the best friend pays a visit from the capital and my mind starts doing over time!!! What is it about that place that seems to suck everyone in??! I happen to be long overdue a trip down South myself but i fear i may not want to return. Dont get me wrong, i know only too well that three days as a guest of the city is a far cry from the reality of making it permanent. The constant tube travelling (no pun intended!) the lack of rural getaways, not knowing faces in the local watering holes. Oh i know this would be the least of my worries to a certain extent, but if we admit it, popularity never strays that far from anyones mind! I completely 100% blame Miss. Lees for this. I plod along in my own rather happy-go-lucky existence for months and then she returns and throws this into complete disarray! I shall be having words next time we speak, do not worry about that! Oh no, she has alot to answer for. And so does London while we're at it.
It needs to stop throwing up all these images of grandeur, of fashion shows, of that typically cool London style. I am never far from the internet and am normally perusing some fashion based website...The Sartorialist, Face Hunter, LFW or some other equally addictive site like Facebook or Twitter. At this very moment i am on LFW looking at the NEWGEN winners, the images are amazing and my feet are itching. Arrrghhhhhh. Calm down Lucy, calm down!!!!!

Image: Backstage at Michael van der Ham, David Koma, Holly Fulton, Christopher Raeburn, Louise Gray autumn/winter 2011 at London Fashion Week February 2011.

Methinks the city in question will be receiving an impromptu visit from yours truly...and another almost definitely in September. Holiday request better watch out!!!Xxx

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