Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Its's Groundhog Day...

Ahh and so it all begins again. Good Morning 10-10 shift. It's almost like Groundhog Day, i have to admit spending the day with Bill Murray may make this day go a whole lot quicker. Oh and joy of joys it looks as though its going to be a lovely high temperature outside which means we shall be melting indoors. Bye bye lovely make up, for today you shall be slipping down my face!!!
And speaking of make up, i have never realised how good Benefits high Beam is. Wow, i feel like one of the Owls i photogaphed in York yesterday!(No i'm not a bird watcher, one tiny owl actually resembled my gorgeous nephew!!!) Eyes galore (which is never a bad thing) and of course i am still donning the infamous black flicks. I have to say i think i would rather leave the house without clothes than without my eyes on!!! Its just simply not a good look!
The start of sale marks a change in customer. They almost turn into vultures. It makes me pleased we have cash desks to hide behind, at times you fear they may turn on anyone just because you dont have the right size in 'theee perfect dress darling!' It reminds me of those scenes in Mean Girls when she pictures all the girls fighting like animals in the jungle. Vultures they are, absolute evil i tell you! (Maybe i exaggerate slightly, but you have to see it for yourself!)
I think i weirdly get a kick out of all these long hours. There is something pretty satisfying planning and organising things and then watching it all pay off. I mean, not many people go into work on their days off at six of the clock to help prepare...or indeed be told they can finish at four on a Saturday afternoon and willingly, yes thats right willingly stay until 6!!!!! But, hey, i dont mind admitting to being obsessed with my job. We've been here before, obsessions and admittance are all healthy in the long run right??!!!
Moving swiftly on!!! Sales are good for one thing at least, the introduction to the AW collection. How we do tire of looking at the same clothes day in day out! We all get a little too excited at the sight of newness, even if they are heavy winter coats. Means we get to plan out wardrobes in advance. Although, i havent even put a bikini on yet and i am already thinking what colour jacket i shall purchase for the winter period. Bad times!!

But heres a little bit of what we can be expecting!!!

Burberry Brit AW11

Diane Von Furstenberg AW11!

Michael Kors.

Loving the darker more sulty tones, deep reds and burgundys in particular. Many of the fashion houses have competely toned down from this seasons bright block colours. Their is a definite use of fur on coats, jackets, stoles (mmm, my fave!!!) An amalgamation of many fabrics, an explosion of monochromes and colour. Yes, this coming season is definitely worth this nightmare week of customers, come animals, come pure evilness.

Wish me luck and i shall be seeing you on the other side!!!Xxx

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