Monday, 27 June 2011

Just Like Starting Over...

And so a new week begins, and in the aftermath of a pretty stressful one...well, this one can only get better. Not only does the start of this coming weekend coincide with payday, but also days off and birthday celebrations. No, no not mine unfortunately, my 28th shall be marked with something other than a night out down Call just simply has to.
Monday mornings are normally far from joyful, especially when the day actually began at 4!!! This heat maybe be amazing should you be out in it, however when stuck in a place with zero air conditioning it is far from pleasant! What i wouldnt give to be laid on a beach, listening to the waves rolling in and out. This sure would sure cure my Monday morning blues.
Although, i feel that this day my mood has changed somewhat! Having enjoyed a quiet (sober) Sunday evening, without sounding cheesy, it gave me time for reflection. Time to think about not just what im going to buy when my back account is brimming with money, yayyyyy! (Just to reiterate, im not always that superficial!) But also realise things i blatantly should have realised a hell of a long time ago. People will always want to have an effect on you, and for some unknown reason it will always be a bad one! I suppose it's all down to how you pick yourself up, brush yourself down and realise that some people really aren't worth any amount of pain or heartache...especially the fourth time over!
Starting over is a scary thought, however one that most certainly excites me. No one ever knows whats around the next corner and no one knows what is set out for you! Move over my 'supposed' Prince's time to make way for my Knight in Shining Armour!
So, here lays different paths...and heres to the chosen one!! (And to dating, parties, coming of age and much, much more!!! Ahhhhh, Monday, Monday...)!!!Xxx

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