Sunday, 31 July 2011

Love. Life. London...

Well, what a way to spend an unexpected not-hungover Sunday. (The latter isn't a usual occurrence for me!) Having enjoyed the experience that much i plan to make it happen much more often!!!
So, not feeling the need to lay on the sofa all day nursing a small headache, i was out of the house and parked up in town for 10:30am. No headache, no fuzzy eyes and absolutely no need for bottles of water and heavy breathing. Bliss!
Not really knowing what i was going for, i was just determined to spend some amount of money. Although saying that, my good friend Thomas did text me last night to tell me the new edition of Love magazine was out. And after an epic shopping trip i couldn't believe that i nearly left the poor thing still lying on the shelf! I do recall the last time i went to purchase this almighty mag, you may remember me telling you how i went back to exchange it for a different version of the same one! Totally shameful as my little Alf would say! Yet again i stood with two in my hands and one still on the shelf deciding which to go for (baring in mind the contents are exactly the same just the covers differ!!!) I eventually opted for the Chloe Moretz edition...

How is this even the same girl who appeared in Kick-Ass??? And now she's fronting one of the biggest fashion mags. Oh how i envy her so!
'Tis true what it says though '432 pages of Discipline, Obsession & Desire!' Thats longer than most books i have read in recent years!!! Well that's my night sorted at least! Keep me out of trouble!

The sales are still going strong in nearly every single shop. Although i have to say i only saw items worth looking at in Zara and Miss. Selfridge. Having said that, i saw my main purchase and then i couldn't concentrate on anything else until i went back to buy it! (Needless to say i did go back, but all in good time!)
Zara had some lovely floral blazers in, very Liberty-esque. Only having mediums and large left, this had to remain in the shop. My purse definitely breathed a sigh of relief.

Zara £19.99.
This one reminded me of a pair of elasticated waist jeans i had as a young girl! Ahh them were the days. The one i fell in love with reminded me of somewhere tropical (i just can't find a picture of it. Damn you Google!) With gold buttons on the cuff and one in the centre of the jacket, it was like a match made in heaven, but fate intervened and the sizes just didn't match me! Ahhh sad face!

Crop Boysie Shirt Miss. Selfridge £15.00.
Perfect with an added bow tie. Completing next seasons androgynous look at such a good price. H&M have some absolutely lush bows in at the moment aswell! I picked up a few just for good measure. Never one to miss a bargain me!!!

I have admired a certain bodysuit for a long while and have refused to pay almost forty quid for a simple jersey basic. Imagine my delight when i was a-wandering round Miss. Selfridge and came across this little bundle of joy...

And only a whole eighteen British tanned coins. Half the price and still as sexual. Love ittttt!

Of course all my purchases were centred around my new boots that i am ever so patiently awaiting. Ok, ok, i hear you, i have never been and never will be patient! It's just not something that comes natural to me. But i don't see this as a negative, far from it actually!
The first shop i entered today, whilst chatting excitedly to my bezzie in London town, who may i add, has bagged herself quite honestly theee most amazing pad i have ever seen. Fact! Anyway i digress, (this is becoming somewhat of a habit!!!)...Topshop was the shop in question. Yes, yes. So, i roamed the upstairs not seeing anything i liked, tackled the stairs in denim hotpants and wedges (yes, heels even on the Sabbath!) and there my eyes landed on the most perfect trench coat my eyes had ever seen. It was almost like that first meeting between two lovers...'Our eyes met across a crowded room!' In this instance they really did!!! It was the coat equivalent of the new flat. Simply divine. Beige in colour with leather sleeves (totally AW11 darling!) and leather belt, pristinely tailored with button detail on the reverse. Did i feel like a million dollars in it?? Pah!! Would i have bought it otherwise??!

Topshop £85.
A total investment piece if ever i saw one! Picture with the Louboutins, oversized shirt, a bow-tie or chunky necklace round the collar. Yesssss!
Let me see you swagger!!!

So, all-in-all a pretty perfect day. And all rounded off with Romancing The Stone. 'Just Joan!!' Katherine Hepburn is to die for in this film, just a shame she wound up playing a drag queen in Friends years later. Major blip in the career i think!!!

Oh and just so you can understand how fit this flat are some pics...

That door is my favourite part. A typical image for a typical fashionistas flat!!!

Happy, Happy Sunday!!!Xxx

Summer In The City...

A mini-break most certainly deserves new clothes. And having already purchased the most divine Opening Ceremony boots, now all i need is the outfit to match! As we all know, shoes are the most perfect accessory...or is that my Celine?! Well, i have both! Perfect items for roaming in the City!

Just a little piece of perfection!

Packing can always be a nightmare, especially when the weather is so tempremental. However, i then have to remind myself that This Isn't England and when the sun is out it tends to stay longer than a few short hours.
Be prepared. Suncream is a must (simply to avoid having skin like leather in your later years!!!) as is this seasons token over-sized, wide-brimmed hat. These are pretty much everywhere at the minute. Yes, a bit of a bugger to take on the plane, but a must have for those daily strolls in the sun! And as every good woman knows, one pair of heels simply have to be taken. So choose wisely ladies. A nude pair are sure to go with everything, not too heavy and perfectly in keeping with this seasons brights! Or go with your signature wedge, ideal for maxis, midis and minis. Now this girl is more than prepared!
Ensure the iPod is fully stacked with those perfect summer tunes, sure to get you in the mood for cocktail hour and dancing!

H&M Peach calf-length skirt £19.99.

Aldo wedges £70.

H&M weekend bag £29.99.

Topshop Straw and feather wide-brimmed hat £25.

Topshop Lemon Strappy Crop Cami £24.

Topshop Multi Feather Print One Shoulder Maxi Dress £68.

Just because its fantastically chic...picture with the aforementioned Opening Ceremony beauties, lace ankle socks, a tiny pair of denim high-wasiters a simple jersey vest and the ultimate in top knots!!!!! Dress up or down, this could be the staple item in your weekend bag!

Mini-break, here we come!!!Xxx

Friday, 29 July 2011

AW11...You Rock...

There is far too much to report on this week!!!!! Trend presentations, meetings and trainings...but there is nothing quite like the knowing of being somewhere different starting over again, EEEEEKK! I know, i know, calm down please! Something i have to tell myself daily, but i have to admit the thought is scary yet very, VERY exciting!!!!!

Almost as exciting as the buyers visit yesterday! I could have definitely sat there for the second hour and listened to it all again. The slide shows have to be the best part of all, the runway shoes, the beauty trends of the season, the dresses, the fabrics, maxis, furs, FETISH (yesss!), latex, leather, PVC. Ahhh it all sounds so amazing and i still can't believe that i will be even closer to where it all takes place again in September. Already being a tiny bit hyper...well, this is just worsening every second.

1940s glamour has to be the only way to do it for AW11, Pencil skirts, fur, cinched in waists, fedoras the list is endless. So check out some of these little beauties that i will most definitely be building my wardrobe on!

Gucci AW11.

Donna Karan.

Marc Jacobs (not the whole polka dot trend, set to be massive for AW11!)

Jonathan Saunders.

Ralph Lauren.

Topshop Unique.

And then the ultimate 1940s sexy glamour puss...

...Ahhh Gucci! Perfectness!

Hemlines skimming the knee, mixing it up with the androgynous trend where the women rock a good old classic trouser suit. Much like way back when with YSL, the tuxedo classic is back. Trousers ranging from slightly cropped and tapered to wide-legged. Ahh, i can already see the all powerful woman striding her way through the city whipping any mans ass in the perfectly fitting suit. VOTE FOR WOMEN...oooh i feel like Ms. Pankhurst from that very era!!!!!

Next season is set to rock in more ways that one...

...Oh, hello there London!!!Xxx

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Making A New Ending...

Did anyone ever say that life was easy?? I fear someone must have at some point. I would like to meet this person and have a word in their shell like!!! Although, in the words of Mummy Carole, life is as easy or as hard as you make it.

I have had a turbulent few years to say the least, and this is probably an understatement. Having clawed my way back from rock bottom i am now in a successful job, am an avid blogger and somewhat of a socialite about town. However, those moments come along in life when one can feel themselves headed back to that place i liken to, erm, hell!!! I think things in life are sent to try us and as much as this is one of those hatred cliches that patronising people like to come out with. (You know the types, the ones who refer to depression as "a new-age illness", whilst also doing those super annoying air quotation marks!) It is also very true. It all depends on your reaction, you either get knocked down and stay there or you pull yourself up and get stronger in the process.
I have always felt i've been searching for something, however if you asked me what for, i wouldnt have a clue! It took until last year for me to finally feel remotely happy with me and with who i was. Up 'til that point i didn't really understand what i was mean't to be or who i was mean't to be. Searching for myself has been one of the most difficult journeys i've ever been on, and to be fair it's a journey that never really ends.
Having recently experienced one of these 'down times', days for reflection have happened pretty much every day. Constant questions, what am i doing? Where am i going? Am i happy?
And the sad truth! I'm not. Yes i love being the girl about town, i love my tactic of getting away from everything and blogging to my little hearts content. Not really realising that that little heart is somewhat dishevelled and in all honesty, broken! It appears to have been in this state for far too many years now and i have just neglected it. Silly old me.
And i have news for people who drown their sorrows with a bottle of wine, or maybe vodka, whatever your tipple. It ain't gonna make the pain go away neither is shopping or dancing 'til the wee hours. It actually makes it worse. But hey, this is obvious!
After alot of questions and possibly too much thinking time (as always!) i came to the inevitable conclusion that i quite frankly, need to start all over again. Who knows if its the right thing to do, but you aint't never gonna know if you don't try it right?? I need something of my own, not living life through other people or off the back of anyone else.
I don't think i will ever be truly independent, with a family the size of mine independence doesn't really exist. However, this is a positive thing, cos like that other annoying cliche 'Friends come and go, but Family is forever'.

So, after a fair few days of thinking and too many late nights (yes i am the culprit of drowning ones sorrows with what can only be descibed as poison!!!) decisions have been made. I shall soon be bidding farewell to my hometown of Leeds...

...Hello London, my old friend...

...'Tis true that i can't go back and start again but i can start from here to make a new ending!!!Xxx


A lost soul...

Rest in peace...x


Friday, 22 July 2011

Karl Does Macy's...

Ahhh only today to get through and then a well needed four days off. A trip to London and fingers crossed the sun will shine! Although, this is the UK, rain and 'possible thundery showers' (said in that really patronising weather woman voice) are more likely than sunshine!!! But i can cope with rain in anywhere but Leeds. The city is just so depressing and grey.
I did have a small pick me up this morning however and this came in the form of Vogue! (Did you really expect anything else??) Yes, i awoke to on the computer screen and the headline read 'High Street Karl'. My heart started racing at the prospect of Lagerfeld pieces starting from a ridiculous £30!!!!! Of course this joy was short lived when i then read 'His capsule collection for American high street store Macy's...' My heart literally sank. However, if you are fortunate to live in this fabulous part pf the world then i beg you to camp outside the department store on August 31st. Expect t-shirts galore, plenty of tweeds, feminine pieces mixed with tuxedo and more sculpted styles. His aim was to create easy-to-wear pieces wih a modern twist. I shall be living on eBay forever after this day waiting for the lucky, lucky American's to put their wears up for grabs!!!!!


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Bikini Perfect...

So, how does one get a perfect beach body in minimal time?? Is it a case of opting for all-in-ones instead?? Something i am not adverse to as they do hide a multitude of sins and can be ever so slightly more flattering than a two piece!! Hmmm...does leave you with a full white middle, and not that i ever show the midriff but i do like a tan wherever i can get one...(take note people i do not do 'topless', christ ive not done that kinda naked since the twentieth day of August '83! Yes, the day i entered the world, naked to the core in a room filled with more than just my mother!!!)
Moving swiftly on...
I would however love my skin to match that day i came to life. Smooth, soft, minus blemishes and any hint of cellulite! So, i shall be drinking my eight pints of water a day, helps with the condition of skin, dark circles and of course the dreaded cellulite! No one wants to be caking concealer around the eyes for a day at the beach. Why hello panda eyes!!! This means that my five-a-day will most certainly be introduced into the diet. Do you reckon that if i multiply and eat ten a day that will make up for not eating it in the recent past?? Maybe not!!! And what about chocolate orange?? Oh and Rose wine?? Gotta have some kind of grape in there surely?? Or is that red?? Maybe i should look into this more thoroughly!
Anyway, i digress. First step to the smooth skin...exfoliate girlies. Scrub, scrub, scrub away, cleanse, tone and moisturise. Oooh and my latest is to apply baby oil all over the body BEFORE getting in the shower. This leaves skin feeling quite literally like silk. Follow this every day and you will have skin to die for. Just like one of those perfect (airbrushed) supermodels in the bikini shot. No airbrushing for us ladies, no, no!! We do it all au naturale!!!
Next step is to moisturise daily. I choose to do it after every shower, when you have also exfoliated. (Or at least you should have!) Skin will feel revitalised and nourished. Some folk choose to apply tan before they go away so they're not like Casper on the beach. However, some of these will prevent tanning and ain't gonna look too pretty mixed in with suncream, sand and a bit of chlorine. I would prepare to turn a little green...not the best look i have to say! But each to their own!!!
If you've hit the gym everyday but to no avail then worry not, there are so many creams around these days that will give you the same look! And will save you from sweating, sorry perspiring, infront of dozens of men who are busy checking out the size of their biceps whilst pretending to life weights!! (Idiots!!!) Rodial and Bliss Spa are the best i have found. They have creams for bust firming, stomach, thigh! Oooh loads, you seriously need to check them out.
Plus girls, i think you really need to check out the swimsuit you're going to wear! Don't buy bikini bottoms too small that will give you ye olde muffin top! Fashion faux pas to the extreme. Try before you buy is the way forward. I am not a fan of changing rooms, what is with shops these days that choose lights to accentuate all the bits you hate about yourself??? They really need to re-think this! But when buying bikins, you have to force yourself to get in there and just avoid all mirrors until you are safe in the comfort of your own room!

Everything you could ever want to cure the look of cellulite. Scrubs and props to stimulate circulation and creams to soothe the skin! Pick one up for approx. £30! Total bargain!!

Rodial Boob-Job (approx. £120-£150) Slightly expensive i know, however, far cheaper than an actual boob job and far healthier at the same time. I have known girls go up a cup size in about four weeks. You still have time girlies, get online and get purchasing!

Tone up those sides with Bliss 'Love Handler'. Skin firming gel for the all important midriff! And here is why we love it
•stimulates skin surface for improved firmness
•energy releasing amino acids firm and burn with creatine
•caffeine stays active for up to 8 hours!

Studies have shown trimmer waists in only two weeks!! WOW!!!

So, just a couple of items i will be investing in pretty sharpish. And the good thing is you can do all this from the comfort of your own home or if you want to get ultra-fit, you can take a walk to the shops for it...yeah, maybe i'll just take the car! There's a cream for everything these days, there has to be one for keeping fit somewhere...hello my old friend Google!!!Xxx

Monday, 18 July 2011

Big City Dreams...

Wih the promise of London at the weekend, a new job in the pipline and birthday creeping up, life is pretty great to say the least. Finally the new boots will get an airing and i get to be a Queen for the day. Can a girl wish for anything else??! Hmmm, well how long have you got?? I reckon i could come up with a fairly lengthy list!!!
I already have a few small items slowly nudging their way to the top! Yes, net-a-porter is my drug...

Christian Louboutin
An amazing Figurina 140 suede ankle boot.
Utter perfection with a 5.5 inch heel and a fabulous price too...£895.
So maybe in my wildest dreams then, and girls do this dreaming thing a bit too well! One of my most favoured past times.

Ahhh, i little bit of wet-look!!
J-Brand waxed skinny jeans. Only a mere 200 quid aswell!! NEED these in my life, yes NEED!!!!!

Jil Sander (my one true love of the season!!!)
Sleeveless Cashmere Turtleneck with Suede pockets. Just short of one thousand British pounds but hey, like i said, a girl can most certainly dream!

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Rabbit felt wide-brimmed hat £260.
This season i shall be mostly wearing hats...trilby, wide-brimmed...boho chic is back!!!

Notte by Marchesa
Ruffled silk and silk-organza dress
My ultimate birthday dress! Bang on trend, rocking the summer brights, wedges, top knot and perfect pink pout!!! (Time to hit the high-street to find a wonderful match!)

And so, just like Yazz said 'the only way is up!'... (Remember her??? I had it on record!!!)

So much to look forward to and so much time to do it in!


A Man's Best Friend...

Ladies, here is what you have all been waiting for. No more do you have to cringe when your boyfriend comes a-calling looking like he's just crawled out of bed. No more do you have to have him following you around seeming as though he has just tagged along after a heavy night! Now you can oh so subtley introduce him (or just blatantly force him!!!) into downloading GQ's new iPhone app. It's in association with Mr. Porter and basically tells all men all the fashion do's and the daily fashion faux pas that so many of the poor things commit daily! Gentleman, you now have no excuse to disappont your lady friends or indeed your male friends. Don't be the one they all dread asking out for fear of what you may come out in! This app is nothing short of amazing, from interviews to dates, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Don't delay boys, if you want to be ahead of the time and seek SS12 fashions then i suggest you trade in your embarrassing Nokia (or whatever you kids use these days) get a new cellular device in the form of an iPhone...and download this seventh wonder of the world! (Hmmm, maybe a tad dramatic but i sure do see some car crash looks about!!!)

Here are just a few small looks for you. I have to say i did more than enjoy looking at these on this rainy Monday afternoon...perked me up somewhat...especially the superb finale...well, i enjoyed it...

Paul Smith SS12.
Minimal and classic in its style. Navy blues with added terracotta, coral and grey in the colour palette. Typically English and perfect for the modern man.

Acne SS12.
As sharp in the cut as it is in the flesh. Still working the slightly short trouser teamed with a cable knit of sorts. Ideal for the boy around London Town!

Raf Simons SS12.
These shoes have to be the best pair i have seen since this seasons oh so wonderful Pradas. Beautiful to the extreme!
Bright coloured leather tank tops and pastel mac coats will be dominating the catwalks for Simons next season. Perfect.

Roland Mouret SS12.
As seen in Paris recently, this next collection is very 50's inspired. What with the wide legged trousers and slicked back hair, you will feel all ready to go drink shakes at the local drive-in!

Lanvin SS12.
My favourite by far.
Dark colours, pinched silhoutetes, bowl is all very reminiscent of his time at Slimane-era Dior. Nonetheless, the blues, burgundies, blacks and browns fall effortlessly in sync with the looks of the season. Very melancholy and minimalist. Perfect for the mysterious man drinking at the bar...!

Dsquared2 SS12.
And now, i am speechless...!!!

So, really what are you waiting for?? There is a look out there for everyone. Ease yourself into it boys. Ditch those low-crotch jeans, military boots and tees with vees lower than than they need be!
You can do it with just a little help form our good old Mr.Porter!!!Xxx