Monday, 18 July 2011

Big City Dreams...

Wih the promise of London at the weekend, a new job in the pipline and birthday creeping up, life is pretty great to say the least. Finally the new boots will get an airing and i get to be a Queen for the day. Can a girl wish for anything else??! Hmmm, well how long have you got?? I reckon i could come up with a fairly lengthy list!!!
I already have a few small items slowly nudging their way to the top! Yes, net-a-porter is my drug...

Christian Louboutin
An amazing Figurina 140 suede ankle boot.
Utter perfection with a 5.5 inch heel and a fabulous price too...£895.
So maybe in my wildest dreams then, and girls do this dreaming thing a bit too well! One of my most favoured past times.

Ahhh, i little bit of wet-look!!
J-Brand waxed skinny jeans. Only a mere 200 quid aswell!! NEED these in my life, yes NEED!!!!!

Jil Sander (my one true love of the season!!!)
Sleeveless Cashmere Turtleneck with Suede pockets. Just short of one thousand British pounds but hey, like i said, a girl can most certainly dream!

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Rabbit felt wide-brimmed hat £260.
This season i shall be mostly wearing hats...trilby, wide-brimmed...boho chic is back!!!

Notte by Marchesa
Ruffled silk and silk-organza dress
My ultimate birthday dress! Bang on trend, rocking the summer brights, wedges, top knot and perfect pink pout!!! (Time to hit the high-street to find a wonderful match!)

And so, just like Yazz said 'the only way is up!'... (Remember her??? I had it on record!!!)

So much to look forward to and so much time to do it in!


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